BFF: Best Friend’s Father (BFF #1)

Title: BFF: Best Friend’s Father (BFF #1)
Author: Devon McCormack
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: February 11, 2018
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 316 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


A beach vacay with my best bud since college seems like the perfect opportunity to relax, catch some rays, and enjoy a couple of nights on the town. When I find a girl who’s eager to mess around with me, I figure I’ve got it made.

Then I meet the intense, hot-as-hell, tattooed Eric Westright, who wrecks my world…in the best possible way.

He awakens something within me-something that’s always been here, but that’s never pulled so powerfully…not until I looked into those solemn blue eyes and felt the red-hot spark of his touch.

There’s something about this chemistry that’s so intoxicating, and the more I get to know him, the harder it becomes for me to resist these impulses that overtake me-that leave me wanting him to show me what it feels like to have a man inside me.

I know he’s fighting too. It’s so wrong, but every kiss, every caress, every stroke feels so right. We shouldn’t act on these urges, but we can’t help ourselves.

First he claims my body, then he claims my heart.

And before I know it, I’m in too deep with my best friend’s father…

This was an amazing read. I cannot wait for book two to come out so I can read. Devon McCormack truly has a way of sucking in the reader and making them want more and more. That is the work of an amazing author, when they leave the reader wanting more and more.

Best Friends Father is a book about three people really instead of only two. This book starts out with best friends Ty and Jesse going on vacation together to Puerto Vallarta to Ty’s fathers place. They are supposed to have the place go themselves and Ty is set on helping his best friend Jesse over his heartbreak from Whitney (Jesse’s ex girlfriend). But it turns out that both are in for a surprise when they get there and Ty’s mostly not so dad, Eric is there as well.

Though Ty and Eric have a strained relationship between them Eric is hoping that this will give them the opportunity to start to build a better relationship between them. The only complication is Eric is attracted to Jesse, Ty’s best friend.

Though they are on vacation, there is an emergency at the office that needs Ty attention to overcome what has came up. In order to do so, Ty has to fly out and go back to the office for some time but convinces Jesse to stay and have fun. That Ty will return to finish their vacation when the problem is solved.

This gives Eric and Jesse time together to have Jesse to admit to himself and Eric that he is attracted to him as well and start a somewhat relationship together behind Ty’s back. With Ty not around, Eric and Jesse grow closer then either expected too and the attraction between them is off the charts.

But there is something in Eric’s past that is about to read its ugly head and complicate things between them. When Ty returns and finds out that Jesse and Eric are now together he feels totally betrayed by the father that he always wanted to have a relationship with and the best friend he has always thought would be there for him.

This is going to really complicate things between the three of them. Can these three figure out a way to accept he changes that have occurred or is it all doomed to crash and burn?

This was such a great read. It ended in a way that left me wanting more immediately. I truly enjoyed this book. It was such a great read. I look forward to reading more of Devon’s work in the future.

BFF Series

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of BFF: Best Friend’s Father (BFF #1) provided by Devon McCormack in exchange of an honest review.


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