BFF: Best Friend’s Father Claimed (BFF #2)

Title: BFF: Best Friend’s Father Claimed (BFF #2)
Author: Devon McCormack
Publisher: Self publishing
Release Date: May 7, 2018
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 290 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5



I f*cked up. Not in a small way, either.

When I met my son’s best friend, the attraction was instantaneous. Jesse Morgan is charming, witty, and hot-as-sin. He might be young, but he’s wise beyond his years. And damn, what he can do to me with something as simple as his touch or one glance from those chestnut-colored eyes.

Hard as I tried, I couldn’t keep my greedy hands off of him, and once I had a taste, I needed more.

He awakens a fire within me unlike anything I’ve experienced with another guy. He stirs a hot lust that makes it difficult for me to spend time with him without tearing his clothes off and giving him the pleasure he deserves.

It’s more than that, though.

He makes me believe in something I’d given up on.


I love him. I want him to claim me, body and soul.

And messed up as it might sound, the man who destroyed what remained of my estranged relationship with my son might be the very man who can help save it.

Yes, I made one of the biggest mistakes in my life by starting down this path, but as far as mistakes go, Jesse Morgan is a pretty damn amazing one.

*This book contains the same triggers as the first installment of this series, BFF: Best Friend’s Father.

This was another good read in this series. Honestly I feel like there could be another book if not a short story to tie everything up in a nice neat little package but if not then it was still a good book.

This book picks up where book one ended with Jesse and Eric working through their unconventional relationship. Jesse and Eric both are still trying to work things out with Ty to hopefully have him understand that as Eric’s dad and Jesse’s best friend they did not intentionally try to hurt him when they got together.

Moreover these two men are trying to work together to help Eric work through his past and the issues they face in their relationship now because of the past trauma Eric went through. There is a lot of ups and downs for both of these men while trying to work through Eric’s issues and some of the downs are not so great for either one of them. But through all of it Jesse has stood by Eric’s side and has tried to be there for him as much as Eric will allow.

Both Eric and Jesse try to make amends with Ty throughout this read both together and separately. Ty is hurt but he is also jealous at the same time. He is jealous because Jesse has the type of closeness with Eric that he has always wanted (not in a sexual way, but in a way that they actually have a father/son relationship). And he is also jealous because he no longer has his best friend to turn to when he wants to complain about his father or anything else. Ty feels like he lost two different aspects of his life when Jesse and Eric got together. But Ty is trying to find a new normal for his relationship with both his dad and best friend.

This was a great read but as I said I hope that there will be a follow up book even if it is just a short story. I would really like to see how everything works out between the three of these men at a later point in time. Devon McCormack did a great job on this series. I really enjoyed reading it and look forward to more books by Devon in the future.

BFF Series

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of BFF: Best Friend’s Father Claimed (BFF #2) provided by Devon McCormack in exchange of an honest review.


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