Bad Moon Arising (Tosha’s Review)

Title: Bad Moon Arising (Outcasts #1)
Author: C.L. Mustafic
Publisher: NineStar Press
Release Date: July 9, 2018
Genre(s): Paranormal Romance
Page Count: 51,100 words
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


In a sleepy trailer park in the backwoods of Minnesota lake country, there lies a secret—threatened by a Grindr hookup gone bad.

Clay Anderson gets more than he bargained for when, in a moment of passion, he bites his Grindr hookup hard enough to draw blood. The man’s reaction isn’t as reassuring as Clay hoped, but of all the consequences Clay considered, lycanthropy wasn’t among them.

Damian Maccon leads a simple life as part of the Outcast pack. Not realizing at first that Clay swallowed his blood during their wild romp, he feels responsible when it’s evident that Clay has become infected. Worse, he now has a new werewolf on his hands until Clay learns the rules, and he has to oversee Clay’s decision to choose a mate within the pack.

Damian thinks his biggest problem is that Clay hates him, but when Clay chooses Damian’s abusive ex-boyfriend, Blaine, he goes on full alert. Can he save Clay from the same fate that befell him at Blaine’s hands?

This was such a great read. I could not put this book down when I started reading it. This book is a little different from other shifter reads in the aspect that the accidental biting and turning is not necessarily the shifter’s fault but the human’s fault instead. And everything that happens afterwards also for the most part in my opinion also lies in the human’s area of fault as well.

Damian is a wolf shifter. He hides this fact from others that are not part of his pack because of what would happen if humans found out. But for the most part he does not let that affect his everyday life. He still works in construction, he has his own home and he has new truck with a camper on the back for when he is traveling with work. He also gets his hook ups off of Grindr so he does not have to see his one night stands again.

Clay is an ordinary man. He works for the DMV. He tries to do his best at his job, which he is pretty good at. He also knows for the most part he can be who he is but not all the people in his small town are accepting of gays. So he does what most other gay people do and hooks up with people off of Grindr. This is how Clay and Damian end up spending a night together that will forever change both of them.

After an accidental biting and Clay ingesting some of Damian’s shifter blood, Damian and his pack decide they cannot leave it to chance on the fact that Clay may now become an shifter as well. So Damian has to figure out a way to get Clay to the pack compound to see if he will change with the full moon phase.

When it turns out that Clay does change to a shifter, that is when both men’s worlds are turned upside down. At Clay’s first shift Damian is there to take care of him and all his needs. He is really attentive but that does not matter to Clay in the long run of things. After Clay changes back and Damian explains everything to him and why everything happened the way it did, Clay decides Damian is not worth his time and he will not be joining his pack with him.

That is where Blaine comes into the picture. Blaine is not only Damian’’s ex but also the one that steps in Damian’s footsteps to claim Clay. The problem is Clay does not know what he is in store for when it comes to Blaine. Nor does he care to hear what Damian has to say on the matter. All that really matters to Clay is Blaine is there and he is not Damian. And this is where the true story begins.

This was a good read. I will be honest at first I felt sorry for Clay for not knowing what was going to happen to him. I thought at first that Damian was going to be some kind of jerk but as I read my views changed and the two main characters did a role reversal is my opinion. In the end I had so much respect for Damian and I believe now that Clay is a jerk. In my opinion he turned out to be no better then the other villain in this story. I truly believe that Damian deserves better than Clay. As far as how this book ends, I hope these two men will be in book two as well because I feel there is so much more that needs to come to light on their relationship. I truly look forward to the next book to see what is coming this pack’s way.

Outcasts Series

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Galley copy of BAd Moon Arising (Outcasts #1) provided by NineStar Press in exchange of an honest review.


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