Challenge the Darkness (Jia’s review)

Title: Challenge the Darkness (Yellowstone Wolves #1)
Author: Dirk Greyson
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: August 31st 2015
Genre(s): Mystery/Suspense / Urban Fantasy / Paranormal
Page Count: 234
Reviewed by: Jia
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


When alpha shifter Mikael Volokov is called to witness a challenge, he learns the evil and power-hungry Anton Gregor will stop at nothing to attain victory. Knowing he will need alliances to keep his pack together, Mikael requests a congress with the nearby Evergreen pack and meets Denton Arguson, Evergreen alpha, to ask for his help. Fate has a strange twist for both of them, though, and Mikael and Denton soon realize they’re destined mates.

Denton resists the pull between them—he has his own pack and his own responsibilities. But Mikael isn’t willing to give up. The Mother has promised Mikael his mate, told him he must fight for him, and that only together can they defeat the coming darkness. When Anton casts his sights on Denton’s pack, attacks and sabotage follow, pulling Denton and Mikael together to defeat a common enemy. But Anton’s threats sow seeds of destruction enough to break any bond, and the mates’ determination to challenge the darkness may be their only saving grace.

This was certainly an interesting and at times thrilling read. The threat from Anton interweaves with the fated mate Mikael discovers who’s another alpha male. Most of the times I find the romance detracts from the suspense when it’s a suspense story, however the relationship between the two alphas is something Mikael has to work hard for. Not only does Denton lead his own pack but a relationship between two alpha’s are unheard of. So Mikael has his work cut out for himself. Mikael’s struggle to make it work with an unwilling Denton is a thrill of it’s own.

This is the first in a series but works as a standalone as well and I enjoyed reading it a lot. I liked the two alphas, Mikael and Denton and really wondered how Mikael was gonna succeed in winning Denton over. Denton didn’t believe in fated mates chosen by the gods but without that pull their relationship never would have happened. The alpha Denton displayed more alpha traits in the first meeting but then he seemed to be more amicable. I would have wanted him to match Mikael’s alpha more even after the first meeting.
Except for Kaiawa, there were only a few one time appearances from a few of the Evergreen pack and Kaiawa’s character felt rather flat. Another character in this story is the Mother which is their goddess who watches over them and guides them. Denton and his pack didn’t seem to know much about her though, which I wondered about as according to Mikael’s pack’s belief she was the mother of all wolves. Still that didn’t effect my opinion of the story as a whole but the religious tones were higher than I thought initially. Another thing about Anton was I found him more intimidating when he was fighting, and not so much outside the ring.

Here’s my favourite quote from this book when Mikael questioned what many wolves believe-that there’s a mate for everyone.

Maybe fated mates are for when fate must step in.

This was a highly enjoyable read with suspense, romance, sexy times and leadership. I liked it from the beginning to the end although there were a few things I thought could be a little more developed.

Yellowstone Wolves series

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Challenge the Darkness provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.


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