Den of Thieves (Thomas Newton #3)

Title: Den of Thieves (Thomas Newton #3)
Author: William Holden
Publisher: JMS Books
Release Date: June 12, 2018
Genre(s): Historical Fiction/Mystery/Suspense/Gay Erotica
Page Count: 274
Reviewed by: LenaR
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5


Part of the Thomas Newton series

It seems like the right time for Thomas Newton to close the door on his past. The hypocritical crusaders of the Society for the Reformation of Manners have stopped their raids and scattered. The arrogant aristocrat who tried to kill Christopher and Pierre, Thomas’s lovers, has been executed for treason. The old threats have vanished.

But in 18th Century London, nothing is ever quite what it seems. When a series of murders begin plaguing the city, Thomas and Pierre are called to solve them. The crimes may conceal a plot against the king.

After Thomas enters the Den of Thieves in disguise, Pierre himself is arrested for the murders and Christopher disappears from London, on the search for Thomas’s real father.

The past is a shadowed hallway where every door opens onto another and every love divides the heart. Will the three ever see each other again?

Note: you have to know that this book is not a stand-alone, you NEED to read the previous two books, you HAVE to know the story from the very beginning, every sequel picks up right where the previous left off.

I honestly don’t really know how to rate this novel. I am somehow torn between my expectations based on the previous sequels and a bit different kind of story I got.

My reading experience for the third book is not the same comparing to the first two books and I’ll try to explain why:

It is over four years since the second book was released.

I thought I knew the whole story pretty well, when I started the third book, but I read Thomas Newton Series three years ago, and it is a long time to remember all names and all small but important details. I must admit that I was somehow lost in the beginning. Had I more time, I would have probably re-read the previous book, but I just not a re-read type and to tell the truth, I just don’t have time for it. So, it took me a while to find my way back into the story. I had some help from the author of course, but during the first chapters it was a bit more of trying to recall who was who than letting myself be carried away by the story itself.

If my memory serves me right the previous two books were darker, more provocative, more shocking and terrifying and… MUCH more porny than Den of Thieves.

It is 1725, the time when homosexuality is considered a serious crime that is punished with a death penalty. Our main character Tom Newton, banished from his home by his aristocratic despot father, among others for his sexuality, heads to London full of hopes for a new life. A LOT of things happens to our courageous hero during the whole series, we follow his incredible adventures, experience all kind of emotions – great suffering and worry, fears, triumph and joy. Is he AT LAST at the end of his journey? Satisfied and happy?

From a high-paid catamite to a spy for the king of England. From disgraced son to the honored citizen of London. From the criminal to the member of a new police force. The hunted becomes the hunter.

And even if I got used to the broad range of events while reading the series, the third book managed to outdo the previous two books with the number of turns and twists: the Society for the Reformation of Manners, a corrupted magistrate with its clique, an insidious rebellion against the king and its proponents, mysterious robberies of a random character with a fatal outcome, an enigmatic practitioner of natural magic, the House of Common authorities with its faithful servants, lost and found family’s members. And in the middle of it all – Thomas Newton.

I honestly don’t know why I didn’t feel as much connected to him here as it was in the previous books, maybe because it was a bit too much happening around, and his character got a bit lost for me among too much twists and actions. But it could be also because I didn’t find my way back into the story immediately and something got lost on the way.

For me is Den of Thieves is the most romantic installment, though I still can’t qualify it as a traditional MM romance, but I am also can’t see it as Gay Erotica (like the previous two books). It is too well-behaved, too clean, with a main focus on the mystery and suspense and with much less sex scenes comparing to the previous books. I think that if you take out the sex scenes, you can consider this book as a historical mystery novel a là The Three Musketeers: a whirl of adventure, espionage, conspiracy, murder, vengeance, love, scandal, and suspense.

Maybe this sequel is not my favorite in the series, but I can’t recommend this series highly enough.
And if you decide to give it a go, it is a good time to start it, when all three books have been already released.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Den of Thieves (Thomas Newton #3) provided by William Holden in exchange for an honest review.


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