Risk Taker (Renee’s Review)

Title: Risk Taker (Mixed Messages #3)
Author: Lily Morton
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: July 22nd 2018
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 288
Reviewed by: Renee
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Being in love with your best friend is hard.

Henry’s the odd man out. All his friends are settling down, and his reputation as the Hook-Up King of London seems more like a curse than a blessing these days. Especially when it keeps photojournalist Ivo, his best friend and the brilliant man he’s loved since they were fifteen, at arm’s length. But that’s where Ivo wants him, right? Putting aside his feelings, Henry decides to give up casual sex and look for the real deal. After all, he has no chance with Ivo – or does he?

Henry is everything to Ivo. Best friend, soul mate, the one person who has never let him down. The one person he is loyal to above everything and everyone. But Henry’s in a box marked best friend and that’s where Ivo’s kept him for nearly twenty years, despite steadily falling in love with the gentle man. And besides, why would Henry want to date Ivo? Burned out and injured, he’s the walking embodiment of damaged.

Distance has helped Henry and Ivo keep a lid on their attraction, but when they find themselves in the same city for a change—Ivo hurt and needing assistance, and Henry more than willing to provide it—the two best friends grow closer than ever, forcing a realization, and a decision. Risk their friendship for their hearts? Or can they have both?

From the bestselling author of Rule Breaker and Deal Maker comes a tender love story about two best friends who are perfect for each other, and always have been – if only they knew it.

This is the third book in the Mixed Messages series, but it can be read as a standalone.

No one deserves a happily ever after more than Henry.

I fell in love with him in Rule Breaker, almost as much as I did with Gabe.

Who knew his back story would be so rich with unrequited love? The absolute pining he has been doing since he was fifteen years old was heart wrenching.

Ivo, his short-lived stepbrother, is all Henry has ever wanted. Even after their parents’ marriage fell apart, they’ve been kindred spirits and best friends.

He doesn’t let himself care for anyone apart from seemingly me.

But Ivo is gone more than he’s around. He travels the world as a photojournalist, in the most dangerous of places. Being hurt by IEDs and bullets is par for the course.

Ivo has been pining for Henry too.

“Stuck” for a while with Henry due to a work-related injury, he’s around to see Henry in dating mode. And he doesn’t like it. At all.

Gabe, Dylan, Jude, and Asa are there for all of the shenanigans. They can see what’s plainly obvious – that Ivo wants Henry just as much as Henry wants Ivo.

The push/pull was delicious. The antics of their friends had me laughing out loud more than once. The banter wasn’t the same as with the first two books, but the one-liners and the laughs were plentiful.

Gabe smiles. “How wonderful to see you, Ivo. Where have you been all week, and do you need the number of the sexual health clinic?”

While most of the story is told in Henry’s POV, every few chapters, Morton gave us a tidbit of Ivo’s POV too. I appreciated that.

I thoroughly enjoyed Book 3 and highly recommend it. It wasn’t the magic of Book 1, but who doesn’t have their favorite couple in this universe Morton has created?

“That smell of you is home to me[…]”

Mixed Messages series

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Galley copy of Risk Taker (Mixed Messages #3) provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.


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