Irresistible (Tosha’s Review)

Title: Irresistible
Author: Andrew J Peters
Publisher: NineStar Press
Release Date: August 13, 2018
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy, Action
Page Count: 272 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 2.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Brendan Thackeray-Prentiss is an Ivy League-educated trust-funder who Gotham Magazine named the most eligible gay bachelor in New York City. He lives for finding his soulmate, but after walking in on his boyfriend of three transcendent months soaping up in the shower with an older female publicist, he’s on a steady diet of scotch, benzodiazepines, and compulsive yoga. Men are completely off the menu.

Callisthenes Panagopoulos has a problem most guys dream of. With the body and face of a European soccer heartthrob, the vigorous blond hair of a Mormon missionary, and a smile that makes traffic cops stuff their ticket books back in their utility belts, he’s irresistible to everyone. But being a constant guy-magnet comes with its discontents, like an ex-boyfriend who tried to drive his Smart car through Cal’s front door. It makes him wonder if he’s been cursed when it comes to love.

When Brendan and Cal meet, the attraction is meteoric, and they go from date to mates at the speed of time-lapse photography. But to stay together, they’ll have to overcome Cal’s jealous BFF, Romanian mobsters, hermit widowers, and a dictatorship on the brink of revolution during a dream wedding in the Greek isles that becomes a madcap odyssey.

A gay romantic comedy of errors based on Chariton’s Callirhoe, the world’s oldest extant romance novel.

This was a strange but good read. I have to say that in all honesty, this book is really outlandish. This is definitely a book I would call a fairy tale. The reason I say this is because there is no way that most of what happens is this book could even be imagined as real.

Brendan comes from an extremely wealthy family. His family owns a huge freight liner for shipping. He tries to contribute to the family company but really he is more of a poster boy then anything. What Brendan really wants out of life is to meet someone to share his life with. He would love to have a man to go to sleep with at night. Wake up to in the morning. Have a family with. But so far he has not found that. He has even gone so far as to swear off dating for the foreseeable future. Or at least he did until he met Cal.

Cal is only in New York for the summer working at his uncle’s store. That is where he meets a man that captures his attention immediately. The man is Brendan. When he meets him an feels the immediate attraction to him, one can only hope it will be returned. As it is, the attraction is mutual.

Even though Brendan swore off dating, meeting Cal changed that. He could not walk away without seeing if Cal was as interested as he was. Turns out, again the feeling is mutual.

These two men have a whirlwind romance that quickly has them wanting to say “I Do”. But before that can happen, something happens to tear these two apart. Can they work out their differences and mend fences where each other is concerned or will they go their separate ways for good?

This is one of those books that you have to read to believe all the crazy stuff that happens. It is not like most books that I read but it was a good read. I enjoyed this book, craziness and all. I look forward to more books by Andrew J Peters in the future.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Irresistible provided by NineStar Press in exchange of an honest review.


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