Owning It (Susan’s Review)

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Title: Owning It (Metropolis #3)
Author: Riley Hart & Devon McCormack)
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: May 30 2018
Genre(s): M/M Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 408 pages
Reviewed by: Susan
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5


Just out of an eighteen-year marriage, the last thing Jackson expects the first time he visits a gay bar is for a sexy, drunk, twenty-six-year-old twink to mistakenly climb into his Jeep. The twink part he’s good with, the drunk part…not so much. As far as Jackson’s concerned, the boy should come with a warning label. But Derek is not as flighty as Jackson thought…he’s actually pretty incredible. Getting to know the wild, funny man is a breath of fresh air. And when Derek calls him Daddy? Christ, he never thought something like that would feel so right.

Derek has serious daddy issues, and his name is Jackson. He’s stubborn and controlling…and ever since Derek woke up in the silver fox’s condo, he can’t get Jackson out of his mind. Maybe because no matter how many times he throws himself at him, Jackson doesn’t take the bait. And maybe because Jackson is the one person who sees him for who he really is. But Derek loves a challenge, and he’s eager to rock Jackson’s world.

Jackson isn’t interested in a meaningless hookup. He wants the real Derek, not just the sassy jokester everyone else sees. But it’s not easy for Derek to open up. He feels much safer guarding his heart. And Jackson needs to figure out the balance between living for himself and the mountain of responsibilities weighing him down. Derek and Jackson must find the common ground between hookup and commitment—if they can’t own their issues and work together to overcome their faults, they could smother the flame between them that’s just beginning to ignite.

Oh yes, I really liked this. I have such a soft spot for the man whore who turns a new leaf when he meets someone who sees the real him.

I’ve read a lot of daddy kink books lately, and this had very light daddy kink. Derek liked to call Jackson Daddy and they mostly play around with this dynamic in the bedroom, but other than that, this was very mild. No BDSM or age play.

I haven’t read the other books in the series, but I was glad to see this can be read as a stand-alone. So I hadn’t met Derek before this, but I fell in love with him from the first page.

Derek is a bit of a slut. He likes sex, and lots of it. He practically goes out every night and hooks up with at least one guy. When one night he climbs into the car of what he thinks is his Uber, he meets Jackson.

Jackson is a 37 year old divorced man who is finally ready to explore his bisexuality some more. He is very surprised to suddenly find a young man in his car, who’s demanding he take him home. When Jackson tries to tell the guy he is not an Uber driver, the guy passes out on him. So Jackson decides to take him home since the guy obviously can’t take proper care of himself.

When Derek wakes up the next day he is trying his best to be his fun, flirty self when he sees the guy who brought him home. He wants a daddy like Jackson to ‘take care’ of him alright.

But Jackson sees the real guy under the flirty armor. He sees a young man of 26 who is used to being noticed because of his looks. And that’s why he turns Derek down when he tries to get in his pants.

Derek feels rejected when he can’t get the hot guy into bed, but after tricking Jackson into giving him his phone number, he goes home anyway.

It is several weeks later that Jackson sees Derek again. Jackson didn’t expect to see him at the assisted living facility his mother lives in, but there Derek is, doing magic tricks with the residents. Jackson knew there was more to Derek than he wants people to know, and this confirms it. Now all he needs to do it convince Derek to give him a chance…

I was a bit scared this was going to have a lot of push and pull since Derek seemed like a handful. But I was happy to see that wasn’t the case. Derek didn’t know what to make of Jackson, but he went along with it anyway. And I loved that Jackson took sex off the table at first, to let Derek know he was more than just a good lay.

When I did get to the sexy parts… holy cow, my pants caught fire! The sex scenes were very sexy and it’s been a while since I did not skip at least one sex scene because they bored me a bit. But not here. These guys were smoking once they got going.

There is some angst near the end, but it didn’t bother me all that much because it felt real and not fabricated like in so many other books.

This was a sweet, sexy, read and I loved it.

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