The Englor Affair (Maya’s Review)

Title: The Englor Affair (The Sci-Regency Series #2)
Author: J.L. Langley
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: August 28, 2018
Genre(s): Science Fiction
Page Count: 254 Pages
Reviewed by: Maya
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5


A Sci-Regency Novel: sequel to My Fair Captain

Anxious to escape the confines of Regelence society, if only for a little while, Prince Payton Townsend poses as an admiral’s aide to further investigate a dangerous conspiracy. Payton plans only to use his computer skills to help navigate the tangled web of mystery and deceit on planet Englor, then return home, but he finds himself drawn to the charismatic Colonel Simon Hollister.

Simon, however, is no mere soldier—he is heir to the throne of Englor, and his life is meticulously planned to include a bride and heir. Unlike Regelence, the Regency society on Englor disapproves of same-sex relationships, and Payton and Simon’s attraction plays out in a daring secret affair, one Simon never expected would grow into love.

Risking scandal and certain ruin if they are discovered, Payton and Simon uncover more about a common enemy and a deadly plot that imperils both their worlds. But in this game of interplanetary intrigue, love might be the ultimate casualty…

Second Edition; First Edition published by Samhain Publishing Ltd., November 2008.

The book starts where the last one left off. The plot grows as different leads and events with some familiar characters march onto the page, keeping reader’s interest. While heroes from the previous books are present, this one is about Simon and Payton so there is difference in the voice. The book is easy to read and events are happily trotting along in a solid mixture of action and humor. I actually liked this one a bit more than My Fair Captain, since it wasn’t quite so sweet. There is more of a balance between main characters, as Payton is much more involved in suspense plot and is Simon’s match in every way.

Otherwise two stories are pretty similar (which is, duh, the reason I’m reading it). I’m not sure how reading this book would go without reading the previous one, since it contains most of the world building. The regency influence here is less present, and it adds dash of charm to the story, but the plot stands on its own.

Either way, it’s a great addition to series and I’m hoping we see the next one soon.

The Sci-Regency Series

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