Reckless Behavior (Tosha’s Review)

Title: Reckless Behavior
Author: JJ Harper
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: August 16th 2018
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 257 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Framed and imprisoned at eighteen, six years later Santiago “Santo” Valentine is not the frightened teen he once was. Taught by Master Salvatore Moretti, and with walking papers in hand, Santo is determined to turn the family name around and distance it from the drugs and prostitution his father’s legacy is built on.

Santo seeks revenge on his father, the man who framed him, and the whereabouts of his younger brother, Luca.
When he finds him, in the worst place a child could ever be—a children’s home simply known as “The Pound,” where unwanted children disappear—Luca has a friend he refuses to leave behind.

At the first sight of Ezra’s brilliant, ice-blue eyes, something shifts in Santo, and he knows he has to help this boy, too.

Ezra, dumped at The Pound when he was barely eleven years old, takes one look at Santo and knows his heart is lost. He also knows he has no chance with him. He might be seventeen, but he’s nothing more than Santo’s little brother’s best friend.

After a massive error in judgment, Ezra runs, obliterating all trace of him.

Santo, sent to investigate a dancer for his club six years later, crosses paths with Ezra. Santo’s reckless behavior shocks them both and leaves them stumbling to trust their hearts.

This was such a great read that I finished it all in one setting. JJ Harper truly did an incredible job on this book. I would not mind if this turned into a series. That is how good this book was.

Santo has not had an easy life. He is the son of a mobster who would rather frame his son for something he did not do to get him out of his way then to actually take part in his life. Same for his baby brother, Luca. Their father put him in the “pound” at the age of ten. So neither man had it easy growing up. Both were locked up, but in different places. The saving grace for Santo is his father’s enemy, Salvatore took him under his wing when in prison and protected him and made him his son.

When Santo is released from prison, Sal has set him up with everything he needs to not only succeed in life but also to find his baby brother and get revenge on his father. Honestly going to prison was most likely the best thing that could have happened to Santo. Or at least until he finds and rescues his brother.

When Santo finally finds Luca, Luca will not leave the pound without his best friend Ezra. Ezra is pretty quiet for the most part. But as time goes on and the longer they are out of the pound, the more Luca and Ezra seem to come into their own and blossom before everyone’s eyes.

The only problem is Ezra has a crush on Santo and Santo cannot return those feelings. Or at least he can’t at the time. Things happen and Ezra ends up leaving. Though Santo, Luca, and everyone else looks for him, they do not find him till years later.

Now that Ezra is grown, Santo is seeing him in a different light. The question is, does Ezra still feel the same way he used to about Santo or has he grown out of those feelings his younger self felt?

This was such a good read. You honestly just have to read it to get the full feel for this book. This is definitely a book I would highly recommend to others.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Reckless Behavior provided by JJ Harper in exchange of an honest review.


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