Merge Ahead (Renée’s Review)

Title: Merge Ahead
Author: Tanya Chris
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: June 4, 2016
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 223
Reviewed by: Renée
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 2 stars out of 5


Will doesn’t know that his safe but unfulfilling life as a Call Center Supervisor is about to be turned upside down. Or that the man responsible is sitting next to him waiting for the same delayed flight. Adam Summers is confident, successful, gorgeous, and about to sign the contract that will cost Will his job. Corporate policy says they should keep their hands off each other, but they can’t. Is their growing affection worth the risk to Adam’s career? And what will Will’s future look like when their companies, and their lives, have merged?


I wanted to like this one. And while the writing style was smooth and I enjoyed it, I just couldn’t reconcile myself to enjoy the story.

And that was because of Will, the single POV we get.

Will has issues.

To a certain degree, we are all products of our upbringing. However, that doesn’t give anyone free reign to be an ignorant ass into adulthood. Do some self-reflection. Do some family reflection, if need be.

But don’t be willfully ignorant.

Will is Puerto Rican and was raised by a very “macho” father who always taught Will that there are certain gender roles of conformity. This leads to Will having major complaints about being with someone who is more of a dominant personality and makes more money than him. Even though he prefers to work from home, cook, and “take care of” Adam, he can’t let his father know that he does those things.

Apparently, there are “gay” roles that he perpetuates too. Just like all “men” should act the same, all “gays” should act the same. I’ll just leave some excerpts here for the class and let you decide for yourself.

Gay men needed to keep in shape if they wanted to get laid. Will was never going to be anything special in the looks department – brown hair, brown eyes, medium-toned skin, average height and average weight, neither especially masculine or at all feminine – but he didn’t need to handicap himself by being overweight.

The first dates had, yes, included sex because gay guys were like that[…]

Guys like Adam either wanted other guys like Adam – men who could rival them in the passion and power – or they wanted the complete opposite – the femme, the twink, the why-don’t-you-just-get-yourself-a-goddamn-girl guy.

That was their CEO, huh? John Triana didn’t look the part. He was too young, too fat, and his hair was too long.

Right now he had on a tight pair of trousers in an eggplant color and a silky grey sweater. Really, almost too gay for work.

I really dislike judgmental people. Especially when they’re as ignorant as Will.

He never grew on me, even as his character developed.

So, although I enjoyed this author’s writing style, I’d be hesitant to read something else unless I found out about the personality of the primary MC.

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