Love Mysteries Box Set (Jia’s Review)

Title: Love Mysteries Box Set
Author: W.S. Long
Publisher: JMS Books
Release Date: March 21st 2018
Genre(s): Mystery/Murder
Page Count: 322
Reviewed by: Jia
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5


Both books in W.S. Long’s best-selling Love and Mystery series are now available together in one box set! Contains the stories:

Love and Murder — Jake Chandler is a struggling small-town Florida lawyer, and his life is falling apart. His ex-wife makes seeing his daughter difficult, his boyfriend Noah may be cheating on him, and his money woes are growing. Jake hopes that a new murder defense case will help with his money woes, but his ex-wife Elena is the prosecutor. It’s bad enough she has to fight with him over custody of their daughter. Now she wants nothing more than to beat him in the courtroom, too.

And then people around him start dying.

First, an ex-lover gets his brains blown out while he and Jake have coffee. The danger comes even closer. Then Jake meets handsome FBI agent Xavier, who is investigating the crimes surrounding him. Can Jake trust this new man in his life? Is Xavier who he says he is? Or does his involvement put Jake and those he loves in even more danger?

Love and Pain — After their too-thrilling courtship that included capturing his former lover’s killer, Jake Chandler has started a new life for himself with FBI agent Xavier. Living together is wonderful, but moving to Washington D.C. has resulted in temporary jobs that don’t last long. When Jake finally lucks out on a too-good-to-be-true position with a big law firm, Xavier suspects Jake’s new boss is crooked.

With some sleuthing, snooping, and close calls, Jake gets deeper into trouble at work, and conflicts with Xavier make his world start to crumble. When a key witness is shot to death in front of Jake, they both begin to realize how high the stakes are. Can Jake and Xavier get through these threats and find happiness with each other?

Love and Murder

This is the first book about Jake Chandler and it took me by surprise a little. There are things that I so did not expect in this book. If cheating is something you dislike reading about you might want to think twice before reading this book. It’s only mentioned but it’s mentioned quite a lot in this first book. The story starts off with Jake leaving his daughter at his ex-wife’s home at midnight when they had decided at 8 pm. First when I started reading I did wonder if there actually was another book before this one, but no this is the first one about Jake. As I understood Jake has already been through the custody fight and he now has rights of access to his daughter and pays child support and alimony to his ex-wife, which he struggles with since his law firm isn’t doing so well.

I read somewhere this was the author’s first book, if it’s true I’m not sure. However I noticed a distinct improvement in the writing between the first and the second book of this box set.

The sex scenes need more editing and the names Jake used for certain intimate parts of the body made me cringe, it is first person narrative so it can work but I’d rather go without reading those.

The plot is good enough to be interesting. There were some things I thought odd, like law enforcement usually identify themselves as cops or FBI when they come upon a suspect and the way Jake was used had me wondering, since to me, it didn’t seem plausible. The reason for them to involve Jake felt weak.

This does have suspense and drama enough though so in that sense it wasn’t bad. Xavier came into the story later towards the ending more or so it felt, and the ending… well… I did question Xavier’s professionality.

Love and Pain

Jake’s past doesn’t want to let him go just yet and together with the too good to be true job he gets trouble is sure to follow, question is if he’ll survive it. Xavier has gotten himself a desk job at his promotion because of him not following procedures. When his boyfriend Jake’s being under scrutiny because of his newly acquired job Xavier has him agreeing to become a mole too see if the firm is actually doing something illegal. At the same time Jake tries to stay low to avoid repercussions of having been involved in the catching of the killer in his past.

The writing in this book is much better and it’s in third person instead of first as in the first book. It an interesting book however don’t expect the law enforcement to behave realistically and you’ll be fine. It was interesting to read though.

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