When the Devil Drives (Death and the Devil #3)

Title: When the Devil Drive (Death and the Devil #3)
Author: L.J. Hayward
Publisher: Self-published
Release Date: August 31, 2018
Genre(s): Suspense
Page Count: 114
Reviewed by: Maya
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Work-life balance for a spy may be an oxymoron, but Jack Reardon likes a good challenge. And he’s almost bested this one. He’s settled into his Meta-State promotion as a field leader and into his new team with a second he can trust. Shop in order, he can take a day or two off when Ethan blows into town, their bargain finally starting to paying off.

Assassin Ethan Blade has few pleasures in his life—a decent cup of tea, a job well done, racing his fleet of supercars, and Jack. With plans to combine the last two into one thrilling weekend, Ethan’s attempt at having a normal, happy life may deliver everything he’s ever desired—or backfire spectacularly.

Jack and Ethan made a bargain, but the deal is thrown into jeopardy when the expectations and identities of the dealmakers shift—stoking the fires of doubt and jealously. Not to mention a contract killer out for revenge and an illness that threatens to reveal closely guarded secrets. Rewards are on the table for both men, maybe bigger than they even realize, if only they can renegotiate—and survive.

Since I managed to devour Bargaining with a Devil in less than a day, the next one was supposed to be a treat. The first was a crash course on Ethan and Jack which was helpful since I haven’t read the number one book.

This time they are on Ethan’s turf. Apparently, assassins have hobbies and Ethan’s are expensive cars and racing them. (It’s Aston Martin – I had James Bond flashback.)

Jack is surprised and confused by his reaction to Ethan’s life outside of borders they established. It makes him once again question where they are headed. He doesn’t have a lot of time to contemplate the issue as danger follows them and even moves to intercept. I almost climbed to the ceiling during car race, it was so thrilling.

Once again there is only Jack’s POV but since at this point does know Ethan pretty well it adds to his air of mystery. The sex scenes are hot but not overly graphic (I do admire well written sex scene, those were great).

I stumbled a little with flashback Jack had since I suddenly couldn’t figure out where and what was going on. But Jack is delirious with fever so this was probably deliberate (I backtracked twice to be sure I didn’t miss something).

It’s not a five star read because the ending is abrupt and plotline stays unresolved. (Otherwise, yes, this is great story!)I’m assuming it’s preparation to for the next book, but it left me perplexed. I don’t think it was the best place to make a break. On the other hand, the book is supposed to make reader hunger for more, so this one hit the mark.

Death and the Devil series

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