New York Nightwings: The Complete Collection

Title: New York Nightwings: The Complete Collection
Author: V.L. Locey
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: September 3rd 2018
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance, Sports
Page Count: 207 pages
Reviewed by: Jia
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.25 stars out of 5


The Nightwings Complete Collection contains all three novellas in the New York Nightwings MM hockey romance trilogy. The first two—On Broadway and Rookie Moves—were previously available in the Changing on the Fly charity anthologies. The third novella—Transitions—is a brand-new story written just for this collection. All three books are filled with passion, romance, humor, and fast-paced hockey action!

The set includes –
On Broadway (New York Nightwings #1)
Rookie Moves (New York Nightwings #2)
Transitions (New York Nightwings #3)

On Broadway (New York Nightwings #1)
When Riley is waiting to do a photoshoot for a commercial he lays eyes on a stranger skating during early hours of the morning. His skating skills are impressive but the stranger disappears when the guards chases him from the ice rink. Fate intervenes, and Riley meets the stranger who calls himself Rocket and they spend a passionate night together, leaving Riley alone in the morning, unable to get the other man out of his mind. They meet once more when Rocket comes to Riley for help after having been beaten up. Can Riley really fall for such a damaged man like Rocket and can Rocket trust Riley to come through for him when it means outing himself to the team, all the fans, family and everyone around?
It’s an enjoyable modern fairytale with passion and romance between a famous hockey player and a 21 year old, retired prostitute (according to Rocket himself). Although I wouldn’t really say it has a lot of hockey in it, even though Riley is a hockey player, Rocket isn’t and the story focuses on their relationship. There’s also a time skip where we’re not privy to their relationship build up, maybe that is why I don’t really feel their emotions for each other.

Rookie Moves (New York Nightwings #2)
Now Rocket or Keiffer, is trying his best to live up to the deal Riley and he made, but Keiffer isn’t sure he can make it. It would mean disappointing Riley and potentially ruining their relationship, but how can Keiffer go against what he feels is right for him?.
This story concentrates more on Keiffer and his road to self discovery as he goes back to see his friend, from what should be his past. Kieffer realizes that he may not want the same things for himself that Riley does.
We get to know Keiffer more and it’s an okay read. It’s really a fairytale kind of story and the plot’s rather light in the sense there’s not much of conflicts and no real drama, yes there are street kids which is tragic but we don’t get to know them and their issues so it leaves us with only Keiffer’s. So yes, an enjoyable easy (depending on how you look at it) read. Although Keiffer’s eye colour changes from green in the first story to blue and back to green again in the second.

Transitions (New York Nightwings #3)
This is Tommy Handsome, Keiffer’s friend’s story. During an event which Keiffer makes him attend Tommy meets a hot, older goalie from a rival team of Riley’s. One who’s close to retirement and wants to volonteer where Tommy work. The lust is instant, the difference from Riley and Rocket is the large timegap between the two men. Being around fourty and soon retiring Vincent wants to wait to come out until he’s finished playing.

This story like the earlier two is written in first person and as can easily become the case when it’s first person, I didn’t like the voice of the narrator. Having read the previous two and not having had issues, I can only deduce that it’s supposed to be told this way, but somehow I just don’t like the voice. This story follows the same basic plot of a closeted knight in a shining armour although here he’s more of a distraction instead as the only thing in need of help is Tommy’s love-life -he has trouble holding on to his lover since he feels suffocated if they get too close.

Since I didn’t connect with Tommy’s character it felt like he was overreacting several times and the goalie had some really strange reactions which I really would have wanted Tommy to react harsher against, but with lust everything can soon be smoothed over.

Overall it’s a decent read but this collection didn’t really do it for me personally, unfortunately. But If you give it a try, you might like it.

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