Honeymoon for One (Susan’s Review)

Title: Honeymoon for One
Author: Keira Andrews
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: September 27, 2018
Genre(s): M/M Contemporary romance
Page Count: 80,000 words approx.
Reviewed by: Susan
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


The wedding is off, but the love story is just beginning.

Betrayed the night before his wedding by the supposed boy of his dreams, Ethan Robinson escapes the devastating fallout by going on his honeymoon alone to the other side of the world. Hard of hearing and still struggling with the repercussions of being late-deafened, traveling by himself leaves him feeling painfully isolated with his raw, broken heart.

Clay Kelly never expected to be starting life over in his forties. He got hitched young, but now his wife has divorced him and remarried, his kids are grown, and he’s left his rural Outback town. In a new career driving a tour bus on Australia’s East Coast, Clay reckons he’s happy enough. He enjoys his cricket, a few beers, and a quiet life. If he’s a bit lonely, it’s not the end of the world.

Clay befriends Ethan, hoping he can cheer up the sad-eyed young man, and a crush on an unattainable straight guy is exactly the safe distraction Ethan needs. Yet as the days pass and their connection grows, long-repressed desires surface in Clay, and they are shocked to discover romance sparking. Clay is the sexy, rugged man of Ethan’s dreams, and as the clock counts down on their time together, neither wants this honeymoon to end.

Honeymoon for One is a gay romance by Keira Andrews featuring a May-December age difference, a slow burn of newfound friends to lovers, first-time m/m sex, and of course a happy ending.

I love reading about strong characters who are dealt a shitty hand in life and try to make the most out of it.

Ethan is in college when he starts losing part of his hearing. He struggles with it and gets pretty depressed for several years. Luckily he has a supporting boyfriend, now fiancé, and an amazing best friend.

When Ethan comes home early the day before his wedding, he is not expecting to see his fiancé in bed with his best friend. Turns out the two have been in a relationship for the last 2 years. The two try to tell Ethan it is not so bad and that Ethan should have an open mind and think about a polyamorous relationship, but Ethan never signed up for that.

And that’s how he ends up going on his honeymoon by himself. He has no idea where he’s going to live when he gets back, but he is determined to enjoy himself and leave the worries for when he gets back.

Ethan can hear people fairly well when they speak directly to him, talk a bit slower, and there’s not a lot of background noise. But some people talk to him like he’s not all there, they mumble, or they start yelling so he can hear them better, which is not the case with his sensitive hearing aids.

Ethan is just thinking he made a huge mistake by coming to Australia alone when he meets the driver of the tour bus, Clay.

Clay is in his early forties, divorced and has two grown kids. He befriends Ethan when he sees the young man could use a friend. Ethan being hard of hearing never fazes Clay and he adjusts the way he speaks so Ethan can hear him just fine.

The two become close friend during the tour, but when the tour ends Clay gets a little spooked by how much he likes Ethan. But Ethan doesn’t get why he is suddenly getting the cold shoulder from Clay. Especially since the tour is now over and Ethan had hoped to spend some time with Clay as friends.

But when Ethan’s reservation is suddenly cancelled he has no place to stay for the rest of his holiday. When Clay offers Ethan a place to stay, Ethan knows he shouldn’t be so happy to go home with an apparently straight man, but he can’t help his crush….

Ethan was so sweet, I liked him from the start. I hated his (ex)fiancé with a vengeance with how he cheated on him and then how he tried to defend himself by laying it all on Ethan and his depression. Because Michael had ‘needs’! Oh please……

Clay was lovely in the way he just befriended Ethan and tried to make him feel better. I love ‘older’ characters with grown children btw. Especially ones that are only now finding out what (or who) they really want.

A GFY story sometimes gets on my nerves because I don’t like a big gay freak-out in my books. But I have to say that Clay was not too bad in handling this. When he gave into his attraction he was all in. Of course there is some minor angst when Clay’s kids get involved, but that was over before I knew it.

And while I liked the romance itself, I think that what kept me the most intrigued and entertained throughout this story was the fact that Ethan was hard of hearing. Because Ethan struggled with how people treated him and how isolated he could sometimes feel because of it, we got some lovely hurt/comfort moments. Clay never had an issue with repeating sentences or speaking more slowly. And I just loved how the hurt/comfort played a huge role without it being too heavy.

What did annoy me was that I felt the aussie slang was a bit overdone. Now, of course it could be that Clay really did talk like the slangiest Aussie slanger to have ever slanged, but it was a bit overdone sometimes. I talked about this book to my friend Elsbeth, and she mentioned that Charlie (from N.R. Walker’s Red Dirt Heart) never talked like that. Now every person is different and every book character can be as well, but I just got the feeling it was too much in this. Well, don’t pay attention to me, I’m not an aussie expect and it could be that everyone in the outback really does talk like this. I just never read a book about an Australian character with quite that much of an aussie vocabulary. Do all the other Australian authors tone it down? Or did Keira Andrews simply write an OTT Australian character? Either is fine of course, but here it annoyed me a bit.

Overall, this was a nice relaxing book with some lovely hurt/comfort moments sprinkled throughout the story.

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