Love and Lint Rollers (Kristin F’s Review)

Title: Love and Lint Rollers
Author: Kaje Harper
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: October 9, 2018
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 220
Reviewed by: Kristin F
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5


Even with six beloved cats at home, Thom Fletcher can’t help opening his heart to a little injured stray he finds at Pride. Luckily, the generosity of the veterinarian who helps him means he doesn’t have to open his wallet. Thom’s budget is stretched pretty thin, between his struggling start-up and medical expenses for his Crohn’s disease, so the free cat care helps a lot. Thom may have fallen for the little feline, but he’s also intrigued by the attractive vet in the bi-pride bracelet.

Dean Edwards went to Pride with his colors on his wrist, hoping to find community after his divorce. Instead, he’s pulled into a cat rescue by an appealing man. Dean likes Thom’s kindness to strays, his blue-gray eyes, his intelligence, and his perspective from decades as an out gay man. Maybe with Thom, Dean will finally feel able to explore his long-neglected attraction to men.

They’re not a perfect match. From Dean’s cat-hating dog to Thom’s chronic health issues and preferences in bed, going from a casual date to something more will be a challenge for both of them.

Blurb sums up the plot nicely so I won’t rehash.

I enjoyed this latest selection by Ms. Harper. It had furry felines, hot guys – one a veterinarian – and some appreciated realism.

I also have a few caveats, because, this is a review so I need a few. Mostly these are my quirks, so take with grain of salt or two.

The Female Tell-All Bestie/Protector. I’m so not a fan of this particular trope. Thom has that nosey, needs to know all, female friend who encourages him to get out and live on one hand, then becomes all protective when he does finally meet someone.

I am also not thrilled with one character deciding what’s best relationship-wise for another character. I’m purposely being a bit vague here. That particular trait just rubs me the wrong way and I get all bristly like Thom’s cat Onyx. I will admit, Harper did resolve this in a very satisfactory way, but it still makes me irritated.

Thom is a self-centered git where it comes to people. My main example – not texting Dean that he was in the hospital/had been sick (and then the female bestie gets all defensive that Dean isn’t good enough for Thom because he “wasn’t there for him”). I was finding more detractions in Thom’s character than attractions.

In adding some positivity to the review, I want to applaud the ages! It was so nice to read something where our characters are settled into that 40/50 year old range.

It can be hit or miss when an author attempts to shine a light on a specific issue: Crohn’s Disease in this case. I appreciated how the author showed the reader through Tom’s actions what someone might have to cope with (and I completely understand every situation and body is different). I didn’t come away feeling like I was being lectured, which I appreciated.

Kitties! Oh so many kitties! And sweet Tig…

Ultimately this is a feel-good read. A good book to curl up with in the evening to unwind or chill out with on a lazy Sunday afternoon. If you have a four-legged furry buddy, snuggle a bit with them too.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Love and Lint Rollers provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.


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