Pretty Plastic (Ana’s Review)

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Title: Pretty Plastic
Author: Amy Spector
Publisher: Beaten Track Publishing
Release Date: October 10, 2018
Genre(s): Paranormal, Horror
Page Count: 27,000 words
Reviewed by: Ana
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5


Christopher Minnick is still not a zombie.

Three months after his run-in with the vampire Marcus Gråsson, Christopher’s ankle has healed but his life is anything but perfect. There are people watching the house. Flora’s worried about the scarecrow. And after an unexpected tragedy strikes, Christopher will need to figure out how to deal with the loss without tearing a rift between his brother and himself.

When Victor accepts a job with Pretty, a prestigious private hospital, to work alongside the handsome Austen Poole, Christopher ends up with one more thing to worry about. While it might seem like a dream job, there’s something not quite right in paradise, and when Vic starts acting strangely, Christopher will stop at nothing to get his man back.

When striving for perfection, you sometimes need to get your hands a little dirty.

I had a great time with this characters. I love the dark sense of humor, a little lighter this time around, but still very enjoyable. I felt the story was a little less romantic that I would prefer and more focus in other problems to be solve. It had some mystery on it, the best of it in the last pages that made it such an interesting read.

Victor and Christopher are a couple I really liked and the moments they shared together were fantastic. I really enjoyed this two, but something seem a little off in their relationship. I still felt liked there was a lot of love in them. I felt like they spend so little time together. I loved the mystery on this book. It was nice trying to discover what was going on and I really didn’t see some things coming.

Another thing I loved about the book were the secondary characters, they were all so nice, but I was left wanting a little more of Jonathan. He was mysterious and I have a soft spot for the kind of relationship he had with Christopher. I hope it could be a little more of him in the future. Overall it was a fun book to read and there was something about that cover that I just loved.

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Galley copy of Pretty Plastic provided by Author in exchange of an honest review.


I love to read M/M books. I’m still doing a lot of catching up with some series and getting to know some authors. I love to read stories with dark themes, a lot of angst and complex characters. I’ve always been interested on how mental illness is portray in books, so I would probably read any book with that subject.

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