Bathhouse Confessions: M/M Gay Romance Bundle

Title: Bathhouse Confessions: M/M Gay Romance Bundle
Author: Nathan Bay
Publisher: Bay Cove Press
Release Date: October 12, 2018
Genre(s): Gay erotica, series bundle set, short stories
Page Count: 127 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Welcome to the bathhouse, a place where your wildest fantasies can come true. Leave your hang-ups and inhibitions at the door because this is a place where anything goes.

Themes include: college hunks, daddies, bears, twinks, older/younger, group, M/M/M, toys, restraint, dom/sub, and so much more!

This sizzling collection features three gay romance short stories. Each entry is approximately 40 pages of heat; just the right length for an exciting bedtime story.

Meet Ty, a cocky young fitness guru on the prowl on a balmy summer night. Ty is handsome, talented, and fearless, but he’s about to meet his match.

There’s a mysterious new man in the bathhouse, known simply as Bear. Other guys have been sharing stories about him, saying he has “magic powers” that enable him to take his partners to pleasurable heights they’ve never experienced before.

Ty is determined to hook up with Bear, but he will soon learn the beefy stranger with smoldering eyes is not that easy to win over. Ty will have to prove himself worthy and surrender to Bear’s domination if he wants to take a ride to paradise.

Is Ty up for the challenge?

Meet Trevor, a gay college student with a daring secret wish. Ever since he saw an adult film about a man’s twenty load weekend, he’s been curious about having a similar experience with a group. Now he’s finally worked up the courage to pursue it at the bathhouse.

To add to the intensity, he’s going to do it with his wrists bound behind his back, a blindfold wrapped around his head, and earbuds playing an EDM mix so he can’t hear anything. Relying only on his sense of touch, taste, and smell, he’ll be at the mercy of anything random strangers want to do to him.

How much stimulation can Trevor endure before he reaches his limit? And what happens when you relinquish all control in the bathhouse?

Meet Adam, a closeted gay college student who’s about to experience a bathhouse for the first time. Adam has so many secret desires he’s kept under lock and key. Tonight is the night he plans to let go of fear and set his heart free.

Elsewhere in the city, there’s a man who goes by the nickname Prostate Pounder. His talent is self-explanatory. His conquests are legendary. It’s been said that he can make any man experience the greatest climax of their life completely hands-free.

A case of mistaken identity is about to bring Adam and the Prostate Pounder crashing into each other’s worlds. Then a tantalizing opportunity will present itself.

What will happen when Adam breaks all the rules and does something truly ruthless?

This bundle set is what I would consider to be an erotic read. There are three stories and each one revolve around the Bathhouse. Each story is a short story that are differ in ways but similar in other ways. They all revolve around the main character of the story and their secret desires. These book was widely erotica but a little (very little) romance was thrown in toward the end of each read for a twist at the end. Nathan Bay did a good job on these books.

The first short story is Bear Hunting.. This is a story about a guy named Ty. Ty considers himself to be highly wanted among patriots of the bathhouse. He holds himself in VERY high regards. He is cocky and confident so when a man named Bear that Ty is hearing about blows him off as if he is nothing, Ty does not take this well. Can Ty convince Bear to show him these magic abilities that everyone in the bathhouse is talking about. Or will Bear put Ty in his place in the end?

The second short story is Sensory Deprivation. This is a story about Trevor. Trevor has fantasies about being with multiple partners in a weekend like he seen in a video. He has been preparing himself for this dream come true for a while now. Including having his best friend Caleb being present when he makes his dreams come true. What he never expected was to have a mystery man spark an interest in himself. The thing is, Trevor went into this thing with a blindfold and ear buds in so he has no clue who this mystery man is. So Trevor decides to try and figure out who this man is. In order to do so, Trevor will have to perform this act several times. Can he figure out who the mystery man is? How will he handle what he finds out?

The third story is Prostate Pounder. This story is about a closeted man that is ready to find a relationship for the first time. But when an opportunity arises, he will take advantage of what has been handed to him. No matter if it is wrong what he is about to do. Adam has been in the closet since he realized he was gay but living in California and going to school there should have opened doors for him in the love life area but the opposite has happened. One night Adam is at a bar and a man that Adam finds extremely hot approach’s him but it does not end the way Adam expects it to. But it did open an opportunity that Adam has always wanted to fulfill. What will happen when Adam takes things to far?

These were good short stories. I really enjoyed this reads. Nathan Bay did a good job and I look forward to more in the future.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Bathhouse Confessions: M/M Gay Romance Bundle provided by Bay Cove Press in exchange of an honest review.


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