Escaping Solitude (The Escape Trilogy #2)

Title: Escaping Solitude (The Escape Trilogy Book 2)
Author: Sara Dobie Bauer
Publisher: NineStar Press
Release Date: October 29th, 2018
Genre(s): MM Romance
Page Count: 111
Reviewed by: Kirstin
Heat Level: 4.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Ancient vampire Andrew escaped his tropical island exile with his beloved human sailor, Edmund. They’ve now returned to Andrew’s home in nineteenth-century New Orleans and must navigate not only their developing relationship—and equally haunted pasts—but also a hungry coven of vampires Andrew used to call friends.

Desperate to stay by Andrew’s side forever, Edmund examines the impressive coven library in search of an Elder, the only creature capable of turning Edmund. Although missing for centuries, Andrew believes an Elder must still survive somewhere; they just have to find him.

The search is put on hold when Edmund receives word that his mother is ill in London, and the lovers set off on an oceanic journey surrounded by new friends and old enemies. When things go terribly wrong, Edmund’s fragile human life hangs in the balance, and an Elder must be found or Andrew will be alone forever.

This is the second book in the Escape Trilogy and I would definitely recommend reading the first prior to this book. For one, you need the background on the two MC’s. For two, it’s absolutely amazing in it’s own right.

Vampire Andrew was exiled to an island for four years after past transgressions caught up with him. Edmund, an English sailor and scientist, was shipwrecked on the island and rescued by Andrew. In this continuation, Edmund and Andrew have been returned to New Orleans and are becoming acclimated again to real life.

Finding himself living in a house teeming with vampires, Edmund is desperate to find his Elder to turn him so that he can be with Andrew for eternity. We learn more of Edmund’s past and his love for fighting in this book, and his quest for knowledge as he spends his days and nights in the vampire’s library researching his Elder. He’s come a long way and his love for Andrew has deepened and will be tested.

Andrew was surly and dominant in the last book and I loved how his character was so much more patient and understanding and loving in this sequel. It was almost like the MC’s switched roles and this time it was Andrew who was fascinated by Edmund. Andrew watched over Edmund and cherished him. Edmund was as adventurous as ever, while still holding to the tie that bound him to his love.

“You made me angry. You made me afraid. That doesn’t mean you lost my love and have to earn it back. I’ll never stop loving you, no matter what you do.” I take his wet face in my hands. “Do you understand that?”

I am not a lover of historical romance, but the creative air that this book employs is so refreshing and the unique cast of characters and hot vampires overpowers the sense of being a period piece.

I can’t even give the quality of writing the credit it deserves. Even if the story was nonsense, Sara Dobie Bauer’s eloquent writing would be worth the read.

I cannot wait to read the last installment. Do yourself a favor and get caught up before it’s out.

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