Personal Best 2

Title: Personal Best 2
Author: Sean Michael
Release Date: November 9, 2018
Genre(s): Gay sports romance
Page Count: 177 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5


Swimmer Mike Gauliet is moving up in the elite ranks of the American swim team, despite his repetitive stress injuries. He’s hiding his pain from coach Jessy Turner, not wanting to give in to it or let his coach and lover down, and by the time he gets treatment, it’s almost too late.

Jessy helps Mike heal, both in an out of the bedroom, and their need for each other grows as quickly as Mike’s career. They’re scorching hot and ready to go to the top competitions when another injury forces Mike to the sidelines. Jessy thinks this one is no accident, and Mike has to work hard to recover the lost ground.

Mike needs a break from the nonstop stress of training, so they move to the coast so Mike can recuperate once again. But their struggles don’t end with getting him back in competition form, and they can’t truly call it a victory unless they can find the balance between their romantic relationship and Mike grabbing the success he’s earned.

This is Book Two in Personal Best Series. It was a decent read but in being honest I expected more out of this book. I love the whole aspect of a coach and “student” (though not a school age student, college age instead) love story but what I do not like is at best Mike does not talk as smart as he truly is. Most of his sentences are one or two words when Mike and Jessie are intimate with one another. I think that brought down the level of how much I enjoyed the book as a whole. What I did like about this book is the whole never giving up theme that Mike has going on. He is determined to reach his goals and will not let anything stand in his way. Overall I rate this book as being a decent read. Though this turned out to not be my favorite book by Sean Michael, I still think that Sean Michael is an incredible author.

This book basically starts where Personal Best ended. Mike is back and more determined then ever to make it to the Olympics. He is an amazing competive swimmer and he is constantly beating his best times. With Jess as his coach Mike sees no way of him not reaching his goals.

But being Mike’s coach is not the only thing that Jess is. He is also Mike’s lover and best friend as well. As a coach, Jess is a hardass but as Mike’s lover, he is his dominant. Mike likes to be submissive to Jess and Jess is good at getting Mike out of his head. Jess believes that Mike tells him everything. But there is one thing that Mike is hiding from Jess. He has hurt his shoulder.

When Jess realizes Mike is hurt, he immediately makes him go to the sports doctor. With what they find out, Jess does not want Mike to compete in the next event. But Mike is determined to not only compete but to win this event. After finally getting Jess to give in Mike does compete and that is when everything could change forever for not only Mike and his swimming career but also Mike and Jess as well.

Like I said this was a decent read. Not my most favorite by Sean Michael but a good read. I look forward to more by Sean Michael in the future.

Personal Best Series

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