Course Correction (Rogue Rescue #1)

Title: Course Correction (Rogue Rescue #1)
Author: Mia West
Publisher: self published
Release Date: October 17, 2018
Genre(s): Paranormal
Page Count: 190
Reviewed by: Maya
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Playing it safe has gotten him everything – except the one guy he’s always wanted.

As leader of a covert unit of rescue swimmers, following the mission plan is a matter of professional survival for seal shifter Nate Landry.

But recent closure on a colleague’s death has Nate recalculating his own trajectory.

It could use a little nudge and a whole lotta juice, and he only has to glance across the cockpit for just the right source of turbulence.

Following orders has kept him sane – until the guy giving them goes full throttle.

Chopper pilot Gil Espinoza has successfully kept his thing for Landry on cruise control for eight long years.

That the guy once chose a fellow shifter over Gil stung like hell but kept him on course.

Problem is: the good lieutenant just laid down new coordinates, a radical turn into uncharted waters.

And if there’s one thing Gil can’t do, it’s ignore an order from Nate Landry.

COURSE CORRECTION is a standalone novel in the new ROGUE RESCUE series, steamy paranormal romances featuring marine-shifter heroes:
2. CRUSH DEPTH (Nov 2018)
3. ENTRY SHOCK (Dec 2018)

Saving lives is their mission.
Saving each other will be far more dangerous.

ROGUE RESCUE is a companion series to GRIZZLY RIM.

Almost gave up on the first scene because connotations were somewhat creepy. I’m glad I didn’t because the story is very good. It took some time for me to get used to writing style. It felt choppy at beginning. But the world described is very interesting and all characters came off strong and distinct from the first time they show up on the page. (And I don’t mean just main characters, but all of them.)

Nate is unit leader and determined to put his duty above all else, even his attraction to fellow team member Gil. That means that poor Gil thinks that his crush on Nate is unrequited. It has been that way for years, until Nate decides to move from status quo.
I liked each team member as they were introduced. I’m very glad I found this series when three books were out, since I don’t have to wait to read about others on the team. I can already guess I’m going to like them!
Back to this one: we have unit of shifters who work for Search and Rescue. There is seal, shark and two dolphins. I’m sucker for shifters stories and it’s nice seeing something else other than werewolves.

I enjoyed seeing Nate and Gil together for the first time. They don’t say anything that indicates their mutual interest, but peeking in their heads we get different story. They have hots for each other.
The pinning is EPIC. They play cat and mouse for good part of the book and it only slowly becomes something more. It’s a game and they keep raising the stakes, teasing each other. They match each other with each move. Finally they start to talk and start moving toward being something more. Dinner! Dancing! I about melted on the spot, it was so sweet.

They do get their happy end, but not without some hiccups on the way. The story hits both hot-as-burning and sweet-as-pancakes-with jam marks.
Off to read the second one!

Rogue Rescue Series

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Course Correction provided by Mia West in exchange of an honest review.