Entry Shock (Rogue Rescue #3)

Title: Entry Shock (Rogue Rescue #3)
Author: Mia West
Publisher: self published
Release Date: December 4, 2018
Genre(s): Paranormal
Page Count: 206
Reviewed by: Maya
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


An unexpected entry…

Shark shifter Ian Mackey works alone.

His job is important: to protect the guys in his covert rescue swimmer unit—from predators, from the press, from each other.

So what if he lives alone, too? And eats alone? And sleeps alone?

Solitude works for him. Lets him focus on work and a few favorite extracurriculars.

The last thing he needs is a rescue partner.

Especially one who’s prickly and stubborn and distractingly hot.

And who intends to evade Mackey in the water and out.

A shock to the system…

Trick Harper doesn’t need a damned babysitter.

He’s a veteran rescue shifter. He embraces the mission, he gets the job done, and his deafness is an asset.

So what if he does things his own way? Goes a little off-plan? Gets creative?

Autonomy works for him. Or it did, until the one time it didn’t.

Now he’s chained to another shark, a hulking bruiser who pushes every button Trick’s got.

Especially the ones that haven’t been touched in a while.

If Mackey takes matters into his big, scarred hands, ignoring him is going to be impossible.

ENTRY SHOCK, a standalone novel in the new ROGUE RESCUE series, steamy paranormal romances featuring marine-shifter heroes:
2. CRUSH DEPTH (Nov 2018)
3. ENTRY SHOCK (Dec 2018)

Saving lives is their mission.
Saving each other will be far more dangerous.

ROGUE RESCUE is a companion series to GRIZZLY RIM. (less)

I liked Mackey from the previous two book so I was looking forward to reading his story. The beginning was great as Trick and Mackey take each other’s measure. Poor Trick. He is shark shifter and unpleasantly surprised to find out that the hot guy he mets at his new job is the same shark he had a run in with the same morning.
I had no clue sharks can regrow their teeth! Nice tidbit!
Trick has a new job, one he has to make work for him. IT’s his last chance and while he resents it he is not going to throw it away.
Both men are brimming with hostility from the first meeting but underneath it they are attracted to each other.

Why did I find Mackey such an interesting character? Because there was so much more to him under the surface. He is secret geek. Mackey has no interest in relationship or in partner at work so he is surprised as everyone else when he decides to give Trick a chance. I didn’t get the feeling Trick got a lot of second chances so it helps to thaw him a little.

Both men are prickly and and the air between them is almost crackling with heat. Their animosity soon morphs into teasing. They grow closer almost without intention.
When the push comes to show and real danger corners them on the job it strengthens connection between them. They just need to run with it.
They do, and it’s such great ending!

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Entry Shock provided by Mia West in exchange of an honest review.