First Light (Lili’s Quickie Review)

Title: First Light (Heartsville #2)
Author: Christina Lee & Felice Stevens
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: November 24th 2018
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 269 pages
Reviewed by: Lili
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


Two years after the death of his wife, Aubrey Hendricks is still weighed down by grief. He can’t focus on anything beyond working at the family farm, First Light. At the urging of a friend, he takes a step toward resuming a normal life and reopens the bakery his wife once ran. He places a Help Wanted ad in the local paper, and to his surprise, an applicant shows up the next day.

When Oliver Hansen gets a second chance at life, he grasps it with both hands. Leaving his stressful life in New York, he plans to enjoy the simpler things. Driving to Heartsville in the Pocono Mountains to thank his heart donor’s widower is a top priority. But the brusque man with the melancholy eyes strikes a chord in Oliver. So when Aubrey mistakenly believes he’s there to apply for the bakery job…Oliver takes him up on the offer.

As Oliver busies himself with the grand reopening, he and Aubrey establish a tentative friendship, which soon shifts to blazing attraction. Oliver falls hard for him, yet he can’t help but wonder if Aubrey’s feelings are an attempt to maintain a connection to the wife he’s still mourning. And Aubrey is unsure if Oliver will tire of the slow pace in Heartsville and go running back to the city he loves. The two must successfully navigate the stormy waters of grief, doubt, and their very different lifestyles, or they risk losing both their hearts—again.

*Please note: This is in the same world as our MMM, LAST CALL, except FIRST LIGHT is MM and a complete standalone.

First Light by Christina Lee & Felice Stevens is a story about new beginnings. Oliver is leaving the rat race of a big city and spontaneously starting over in a new place, and Aubrey is slowly moving on from the death of his wife two years earlier.


-Mature main characters. Both men are in their 40s and act like it. They respected each other and communicated.

-Going in I thought this would be angst central, but it wasn’t. Yes, there are some definite feels but nothing overwhelming. There was a pivotal point that had me crying.

-There is a secret at the start that I was afraid would be dragged on, but it didn’t. Thank you to the authors for that.

-Relationship development- it felt organic starting as friends and growing into more.

-Bi representation.

-I felt that the problems that arose didn’t feel contrived or overdone.

-The end was an HEA.

**This being a second book, can it be read as standalone? Absolutely.

All in all, this was a touching story about taking chances, new beginnings and finding love when least expected.

4 Stars

Heartsville Series

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