You. Forever. Always. (The Underdogs #3) (Lili’s Review)

Title: You. Forever. Always.(The Underdogs #3)
Author: K.A. Merikan
Publisher: Acerbi & Villani ltd
Release Date: December 29th 2018
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 144 pages
Reviewed by: Lili
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5


—Years of loving in secret. Now the secret’s out.—

Mage. Reasonable. Mature. In love with his best friend’s little brother.
Dawn. Painfully shy. Crazy talented. An anxious cinnamon roll in need of protection.

Mage has always been Dawn’s hero. He’s been there for him when Dawn was bullied, when Dawn came out, and when he joined The Underdogs. He’s also been Dawn’s first and only love—painfully unrequited, since Mage is straight. But that’s only for the better, because they’re bandmates, and Dawn’s brother is Mage’s best friend.

It would all be too intense, too complicated, too real.

But then one drunken kiss proves Mage might not be as straight as he seemed, and their whole world turns upside down. Even though Dawn craves Mage’s love so much his heart could burst, his shyness stands in the way of any future they could share.

While they have to keep their budding relationship under wraps and they prepare to sign a major record deal, Dawn’s anxiety gets out of control. Mage will have to choose between the success he’s always craved and the love of his life.

Themes: rock band, bandmates romance, older brother’s best friend, coming out, bisexuality, first love, anxiety, compromise, music, secret love
Genre: Contemporary M/M Rocker Romance
Heat level: sweet, explicit scenes

Length: ~50,000 words (Can be read as standalone, HEA)

You. Forever. Always. by K.A. Merikan was precisely what I needed after the stress of the Holidays. This third installment of The Underdogs series was the sweetest and fluffiest of the three. It’s the story of childhood best friends in love with one another and who had never acted on their feelings.

Some highlights:

-Dawn and Mage. After them being mentioned in the previous stories I was glad that they matched whom I’d come to envision in my head. Dawn was kind and gentle but riddled with anxiety that affects most aspects of his life. Mage, always his champion by his side.

-Overall, this book is pretty low angst; it’s all about understanding, patience, and love.

-Relationship development: this is perhaps my favorite part of the novella. There was a lot of care taken in the development of the intimate aspect of Dawn’s and Mage’s relationship. It was not only romantic as fuck but appropriate with the story.

-The end was everything that I wanted for these two. <3

Can this be read as a standalone? I guess, but I think for maximum enjoyment all should be read in order.

Thoughts on the series as a whole? I loved it. Every couple was utterly different from the next. It still had a messy, gritty feel; they were dysfunctional but still romantic and sweet.

4.5 Stars for this installment and 4.5 for the series as a whole. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

The Underdogs Series

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of You. Forever. Always.(The Underdogs #3) provided by K.A. Merikan in exchange of an honest review.


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