Four Ever (Tosha’s Review)

Title: Four Ever
Author: Sloane Kennedy
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: January 16, 2019
Genre(s): M/m/m/m ménage, past trauma
Page Count: 357 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Surrounded by a group of devoted four-footed and two-winged family members, Zak and Killian have built what should have been a dream life in their countryside farmhouse. But a cruel twist of fate and the re-emergence of old demons has frayed the edges of the men’s seven-year relationship until just one wrong move could end up severing their bond for good.

Seemingly content to walk on eggshells around one another, things come to a head when ER nurse Zak brings his work home with him… literally.

After being forced to leave their posh Southern California lives, homeless stepbrothers Liam and Noah are slowly losing themselves to the streets they can’t seem to escape. When twenty-one-year-old Liam is beaten up while protecting his younger “brother,” the pair find themselves being welcomed into a home where being a stray is considered a good thing. But Liam and nineteen-year-old Noah have learned the hard way that nothing is given for free and there’s no such thing as the kindness of strangers. Survival means only counting on and trusting in each other.

Will Zak and Killian’s offer of a no-strings-attached place to heal end up being more than any of the four men bargained for? Especially when feelings between Liam and Noah begin to crawl to the surface and the truth of what Zak and Killian’s relationship has turned into becomes harder to deny?

And what happens when lines begin to blur and needs start to change? Will Zak, Killian, Liam, and Noah end up going their separate ways?

Or will they learn that love doesn’t always come in twos?

*This is a novel about a foursome relationship, not just a story of two separate couples in physical relationships with one another. Thus, there is no “cheating” in this story. This is a standalone novel.

Trigger Warning: The trigger warnings in this book may be considered “spoilerish” so they can be found by using the “Look Inside” feature or by downloading the sample and going to the section entitled “Trigger Warning.”

I have to say that this book was such a great read. There are TRIGGER WARNINGS to be aware of. Warnings include mention of child abuse, violence, flashbacks, and attempted rape. So be forewarned ahead of time. These warnings mainly revolves around past experiences but it does affect the characters and how they act.

This book is one of those books that is completely heartbreaking in so many ways. But there is a happy ending to it all. Sloane Kennedy did an amazing job at describing what is happening and what did happen. Sloane also made it to where I felt as if I had a front row seat to everything happening. Have your tissues handy for this read because you will definitely need it!!!

This is a book about four men. Two of the men, Killian and Zac have been together for some years now. When they met it was immediate chemistry between them. Things moved quickly and then they was a couple. But over the past year or so things have been really strained between them due to things that occurred and things that have not been said. It is to the point that both men question if the other even wants to be together anymore.

Zac is a nurse and after having two young men brought into the ER, one of which was beaten and he other that apparently does not speak, he made the decision to bring home the one that was not admitted to he hospital. He was so distraught that Zac just could not bring himself to leave him on his own.

This leads to much more then Zac ever expected because Noah does not speak at all and at first Killian and Zac do not even know his name. Once the boy that was admitted wakes up Zac finds out that his name is Liam and his companion is Noah. Of course Liam is distraught over Noah not being at the the hospital so Zac does what he feels best and brings Liam home as well.

Though Killian does not want to feel any kind of pull to either boy that Zac brought home, he cannot dent that he does. The fact that Noah ends up extremely sick after Zac brought him in their lives did not help either.

There is definitely something between these two boys other then being step brothers as they claim. Both Killian and Zac can see it and feel it but neither Liam or Zac admits to it being more between them.

What starts as a temporary fix for Noah and Liam quickly turns intoned so much more. Can four men that cannot find it with in themselves to be open with their feelings figure out a way to make things work?

This was such a great read. And this is only the beginning of what happens. There is so much more to this story but you have to read it to find out for yourself what all happens. You will not be disappointed. Great read!!!

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Four Ever provided by Sloane Kennedy in exchange of an honest review.


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