The Yuchae Blossom Cover Reveal

Title: The Yuchae Blossom
Author: Asher Quinn
Publisher: Dreamspinner
Release Date: April 5, 2019
Genre(s): Contemporary, World of Love
Page Count: 162
Cover Artist: Brooke Albrecht

Can two men find happiness in a country that doesn’t accept their love?

When Jack Calloway is transferred to his firm’s South Korean branch on Jeju Island, he’s assigned a valet, the beautiful but shy Song Woo-bin. He stirs feelings Jack has rarely experienced for another man, but everything seems to be against them—Jack is older and Song Woo-bin’s supervisor. He is just beginning to understand the new culture surrounding him even as he accepts his own desires for the first time, and Song Woo-bin is closeted, inexperienced, and estranged from his family. Their path to each other is full of obstacles and societal disapproval. Will the two men eventually come together amid the clash and complement of Eastern and Western culture… and find a home among the yuchae blossoms?

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The Cover!

About the Author

Asher Quinn hated high school. He wasn’t an athlete, nor one of his class’ “elite” teen culture. He lived in a limbo of sorts. In love with a varsity football player who was only interested in what Asher could supply in the bedroom (between the sheets), let’s just say that romance wasn’t in the cards. His saving grace – writing. He found he could create worlds where anything was possible despite the odds – where love triumphed, because it always should. Fantasy? Maybe. But in the end, “isn’t that what gets us through the worst of it…through the day?” After having two short stories published, he decided that he would attempt book length fiction and that brings us to The Yuchae Blossom. He is currently working on a second novel for publication (no spoilers). 😉

Asher has traveled to, and has friends in, both China and South Korea. He currently lives in southern New England with two cats, a fantastic view of the sunset and a heart that’s always open to romance, heartache and all the baggage that comes with it.

“May your heart enjoy happy travels and return home, wiser, stronger and at peace. We all deserve a happy ending.”


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