My Anti-Valentine Collection (Kirstin’s Review)

Title: My Anti-Valentine Collection
Author: DJ Jamison
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: February 7, 2019
Genre(s): Romance
Page Count: 282
Reviewed by: Kirstin
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


A bundle of three novellas:

My Anti-Valentine: Jaded by relationships gone wrong, Bret throws an anti-Valentine’s Day party to celebrate being single and burn his ex-boyfriends’ belongings. Bret’s low interest in sex has destroyed every relationship he’s had and tarnished his view of romance, but a cute blond guy at the party who says all the wrong things inspires him to hope for more.

My Anti-Boyfriend: Brad has everyone fooled. He’s the casual, sexy friend. The fun-time guy who sleeps around. Except not really. There’s one man who holds his heart: his best friend — with benefits — Riley. Too bad Riley has no interest in a relationship, and as far as Brad can tell, never will. But once Brad acknowledges his feelings for Riley, he can’t continue to ignore them. Riley’s days of having his cake and eating it too are over. Then again, maybe Brad is tasty enough to keep a man satisfied.

My Anti-Marriage: Love has never been a good bet for Chris, so going on a Vegas wedding trip for his friends is bittersweet. Especially when Ant, the last man to break his trust, is suddenly along for the ride. Which explains why Chris wakes up in his hotel room with the mother of all hangovers. Not so much why Ant is in his bed … or worse, wearing a matching wedding band.

Each novella has previously been published. There’s been no changes to content.

My Anti-Valentine: When you’ve had your heart broken too many times and Valentine’s day comes around again, what do you do? Host an Anti-Valentine party where you burn all of your old boyfriend’s things. Or that’s what Bret does. And when his friend shows up with some eye candy, he can’t help but get his hopes up.

Harry is tired of being used. He wants a relationship. And now he’s stuck at an anti-love fest talking to Bret, an asexual hipster who doesn’t believe in love.

With both of them so jaded and unsure, they decide to be friends and see where they stand on the physical stuff later.

This was really sweet and I enjoyed the pace for such a short story. Harry seemed like the more immature of the couple, but I have to admit he surprised me at his support and understanding when it came to Bret’s physical needs and self-assurance.

This made for a very cute, fast read perfect for this time of year.

My Anti-Boyfriend: As the second book in the My Anti-Series, this was somewhat predictable. Riley and Brad have been best friends with benefits for 3 years. They are each other’s wingman and backup plan. But the club scene is getting old for Brad.

Once Brad realizes that his feelings for Riley go beyond being the back up guy, he has to separate himself from their friendship. But Riley feels like he’s losing more than just a friend.

This was a sweet story and there were parts that made me laugh, but it wasn’t my favorite in the series. It didn’t tug at my heartstrings like the first story did. I just couldn’t find myself siding with Riley at all. He just never got there for me. I did enjoy Brad and his stereotypical twink clothing, though.

My Anti-Marriage: As the last story in this series, all of the characters made an appearance with an additional friend, Bryant, on their way to Vegas to watch Riley and Brad get married.

As the saying goes, what happens in Vegas… but what about what almost happens?

Chris finally gets his story here, even in the backdrop of Riley and Brad. Chris and Ant dated and it was getting serious, until Ant’s ex showed up. With Chris being burned in the past, he didn’t let Ant explain what happened. He just assumed he was a cheater.

But Vegas isn’t the type of place that lets you go without a fight.

I always love the end of a series when it’s a wrap up story. This one kind of bothered me, to be honest. I didn’t like the issue that sprang up between Bret and Harry. I felt like they had passed that point in their relationship and it seemed like possibly they just needed something to bring to the story.

I thought Riley and Brad’s characters were true to their story and I was glad to see that they ended up happy, with friends, getting married in Vegas. It only made sense.

I enjoyed the writing of Chris and Ant’s story as told in flashback’s as it made it more interesting and the story flowed faster. I got to a point, though, where I was tired with Chris constantly refusing to hear anything Ant had to say. By the time he softened enough, I was really over it.

As a whole, this series was very sweet and an overall fun, engaging read. Some stories held my interest more than others, but it was fun to see the group of 4 friends who had all been somewhat anti-relationship all submit to the arrow of Cupid.

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