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Title: In His Sights
Author: L.A. Bryce
Publisher: JMS Books
Release Date: February 2nd 2019
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: ~200 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha


Meet two men who need each other’s help but don’t realize it until it’s almost too late.

Noah is gay and terrified someone might find out. So much so that when he was blackmailed with pictures of himself with another man, instead of coming clean, he left his SEAL team without a word.

The other man is openly gay Mason, a former Marine and now part of the FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task force. It takes eight years after their first meeting in the desert for a chance event bring the two men together again. Now Noah must decide if he’s ready to accept who he is or if it’s easier to cut and run. Can they navigate the obstacles in their path to build a relationship? And why does the thought of that scare them more than investigating a group of terrorists?

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I write m/m romance. My current story In His Sights is a story featuring gay protagonists who were both in the military. One was a Navy SEAL and one a Marine who now works for the FBI on the Joint Terrorist Task Force.

Why My Characters Were In The Military

I am a huge supporter of our military and for me using the men of the Military—Past and Present—who put their lives on the line every day to protect others, as heroes in my books was a no brainer. When I first heard someone say, we don’t need knights in shining armor when we have men and women in combat boots and camouflage, it clicked for me. The men and women in the military, each branch, step up and put their lives on the line to protect others. They sacrifice so much, including their safety, their lives, not to mention time spent with their own families.

It shouldn’t matter whether you think the wars being fought are right or wrong, the 0.4 percent of the American population that serve allow us to be safely at home with our families, to exercise the freedom of speech, to vote, to travel freely about the country, and so much more.

Through writing this book and others, I learned how amazing the Military community is. Not only for the fact that they risk their lives to keep us safe but also, just for their willingness to lend a hand in most situations including helping an author with research. I reached out on twitter and to friends and family who were in the military, and the response was nothing short of amazing. Not only did they offer me practical information for my characters, they were also there to show support for my actual writing.


Mason’s expression forced Noah to smile. But it was gone quick. What were the odds of running into Mason, and why did it have to happen right then?

“So, you going to tell me what was going through your brain when you started in with those four guys?” Mason asked again.

The question was one Noah hadn’t wanted to answer. But that was tough shit; Mason wouldn’t give up until Noah talked—that much was obvious. He could feign being drunk, which he really wouldn’t have to play too hard at. He’d already had a few too many drinks.

With Mason’s keen eyes staring at him, Noah hadn’t thought he’d get away with using drinking as an excuse, regardless that he was currently feeling no pain. And that’s part of my problem. 

Mason remained silent, waiting for an answer. Playing ignorant wouldn’t work, so the next best thing was to exaggerate the story a bit.

“They came over and started with me. It wasn’t the other way around.”

“All right,” Mason said. “But it wasn’t something you could’ve ignored?”

“Not when some assholes come up to me and start talking shit about our troops overseas.”

“Oh,” was all Mason said, but it was enough. Noah knew Mason got it.

“Still… four to one, you didn’t seem fazed.”

“Should I have been?” Noah asked, confused.

“Guess not,” Mason was quick to concede. “Over and done. Let’s talk about something else. What have you been up to? You’re still with the teams.”

Noah hated that it was a statement. That it was a foregone conclusion that he was still a SEAL. It should have been. But because of one night, it was all over—his dream, his life, his destiny. Not wanting to answer, he forced the words out through dry lips. “No. Not anymore.”

“What? Thought you were a lifer.”

“Yeah, me too.” Fuck. He hadn’t meant to say that. All that would do is open the subject to further conversation. Noah needed to stop it before it got started. “How about you. You still a Marine?”

“Always a Marine, man. Always a Marine.”


“It’s all good. And the answer to the question I guess you’re asking is no, I’m not in the Corps anymore. When it was time to re-up, I went for a less regimented position.”

“Really? What are you doing now?” Noah was surprised Mason was no longer active in the Corps. He couldn’t imagine what job had lured him away.

“I’m with the FBI. I’m working with the Joint Terrorist Task Force.”

That would do it. “Wow. That’s great.” Noah felt an emptiness in his chest. A sense of longing that he’d never fulfill. His days of fighting the really bad people of the world were over.

Noah let the quiet sit for too long, and Mason was back asking questions. “What are you up to now?”

More of what Noah had been dreading. “I’m not too sure. Still looking at my options. I’ve only been out three months. Had a few things I needed to take care of, and now I’m actually scheduled to catch a containership traveling to Africa. I’m part of the security detail.” His cheeks warmed. He was a glorified babysitter.

“That sounds cool.”

“I guess.” Not. “We’ll see.” Noah took a sip of his drink.



LA writes m/m romance with a splash of suspense. She loves her men to work hard, play hard and love hard. It doesn’t matter what their walk of life, although she has a special place in her heart for Military heroes, those that put their life on the line every day to keep us safe, trouble always seems to find them—whether it’s a homicidal maniac, someone with a grudge against the country, or an ex who’s seeking out revenge—LA’s guys aren’t always faced with just fighting for love, they often have to fight for their lives.

LA has always lived in the North East and has recently stretched her boundaries and moved further North—the more relaxed life style giving her more time to write—in theory anyway.

Among the things she loves besides writing and her family are her friends, those she writes with and those she writes about, reading, games (the kind with boards, not in love), playing poker, her dogs, Nutella and Bok Choy, and of course, the men and women from the Military, past and present, who keep us safe.

When she finds herself stuck at the keyboard, her fingers refusing to move, her characters refusing to talk, she likes to take a break, blast some music, and dance like no one is watching her or sing her heart out into her hairbrush microphone.

She’s living her happily ever after and wants the same for all her characters. LA believes love comes in all different packages and each should be wrapped in a ribbon and cherished.


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