Stealing His Heart (Kristin F’s Review)

Title: Stealing His Heart (Connoll Pack #1)
Author: Bru Baker
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: March 5, 2019
Genre(s): Paranormal, Shifters
Page Count: 240
Reviewed by: Kristin F.
Heat Level: 2 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.0 stars out of 5


Love sneaks in like a thief in the night.

Danny’s parents raised him to believe his wolf was a curse. He’s part of the wealthy and powerful Connoll Pack, but only nominally. He abandoned that world to volunteer with supernatural kids, and he isn’t looking for a mate….

Max is a shifter who is also a detective. He’s working a case that could make or break his career. Danny’s caught up in the case he’s on, and he’s also irresistible. They’re a bad match—Max, an Alpha having trouble with his new powers and Danny, who trusts Alphas as far as he could throw one. But they can’t get enough of each other, and they might bond before they even see it coming.

They could be amazing together, but they have to get past a few obstacles—especially since someone close to Danny might be involved in the thefts Max is investigating.

This is set in the Camp H.O.W.L universe but as a new series. You don’t need to have read that series to enjoy this book, but there are some references to Camp H.O.W.L that might provide some background information in Stealing His Heart.

Danny comes from a wealthy socialite family in New York and he’s bucking his father’s expectations of working in real estate to start a foundation for Shifter Kids in the foster care system. All but disinherited, he tries to have as little to do with his parents as possible. He’s a wolf shifter in the Connoll Pack, but it’s not something his family really participates in.

Max is a detective who comes from a large, robust, Filipino family. When Danny flags him down in the middle of the street, Max quickly realizes his attraction to the hard-working younger man is more than just a passing fancy. The question is, how to convince Danny of that.

In my opinion, this book was probably the best of the group: strong characters, strong plot, good emotional connections, minimal use of the word “mate”, and it avoided some overused cliché’s.

This is the kind of sweet and light paranormal romance that I like to read. Where I’m treated like an intelligent reader and entertained at the same time.

I thought the author did an exemplary job highlighting the differences between Danny and Max’s worlds and families, and done in a believable manner. There was the perfect amount of concern or angst from Danny that this didn’t slip over into saccharine sweet.

I’m starting to repeat myself so I’ll stop here – this is a solid paranormal romance. If you like sweet, shifter romances, this might be a good book for you.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Stealing His Heart provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest review.


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