Eye of the Beholder (Jia’s review)

Title: Eye of the Beholder
Author: M.D. Grimm
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: February 8th 2019
Genre(s): Paranormal Romance
Page Count: 153
Reviewed by: Jia
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3.25 stars out of 5


Is it better to risk it all… or never know what could have been?

After surviving an abusive childhood, Vulcan remade himself upon arriving in Los Angeles, California. He became a blacksmith for the paranormal community and strives to earn the respect of the vampire covens and werewolf packs that call LA home. He also prevents the pain of loss by keeping everyone at arm’s length.

But he never planned on meeting a former Roman soldier by the name of Marcus Cassius Vespillo. Something sparks between them and turns into a friendship he never considered possible. He can’t deny his intense attraction to the intelligent, courteous, ancient vampire. And it scares him.

Though Vulcan is wary of seeking more with Cassius, an attack leaves him at death’s door and forces him to reexamine his priorities. But Cassius has his own secret, one that promises tragedy and loss. And if that wasn’t enough, a slayer arrives in the States, one with a bloody connection to Cassius… and Vulcan himself.

Vulcan lived with Dane, the one who saved him from the streets and taught him his profession, until Dane dies unexpectedly. Not wanting to get hurt again Vulcan desides to keep everyone at a distance. Succeeding, until Cassius comes along. The vampire’s knowledge in history is a lure too sweet to resist and Vulcan can’t stay away. But the past is making itself known and soon both realizes they have to solve their issues before they can make a life for themselves, maybe even together. Or die trying.

Eye of the beholder wasn’t quite what I expected after reading the blurb, but a decent read still. I wanted to read more about the vampires and werewolves and Vulcan, who wanted to keep everyone at arms length fell easily enough for Cassius. I’m talking about how readily he let Cassius become a friend while having been so adamant at staying alone before that. Otherwise this more of a slow burn.

Both characters are easily likable and endearing,
Vulcan, for being a blacksmith, made swords, coffins, wooden magical boxes and panic rooms and I had no idea how versatile the blacksmith profession was. I was impressed by everything he could do.
Cassius one of the oldest living vampires, I liked him but for me an ancient vampire is difficult to portray. Since he has been living so long the way he experiences things and his point of view wouldn’t be the same as a human’s. But the characters are fleshed out and they have conversations about history which can be interesting.

Give this book a try if you like human-ancient vampire love stories.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Eye of the Beholder provided by the Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.


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