Loose Lips & Relationships (Flaming, MO #1)

Title: Loose Lips & Relationships (Flaming, MO book 1)
Author: AJ Rose
Publisher: Self publishing
Release Date: February 25, 2019
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 298 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Flaming, Missouri is the perfect place for police officer Marc Warren to heal his battered heart after a broken marriage. The tourist town is an easy beat and he finds sanctuary in his beautiful cabin on the Lake of the Ozarks. So when Grant “Good Time” Taylor shows interest, Marc is in no hurry to let Flaming’s resident bad boy rock his boat.

Grant has no interest in dating locals. Tourists are plentiful and don’t want more than he’s willing to give. But a bar bet turns personal when Marc hands him a humiliating public rejection. If Grant wants to get under the mysterious officer’s skin, he’ll have to offer more than a temporary port.

The small town rumor mill gets a jumpstart as Marc and Grant realize what they’ve been missing all along—each other. But not everyone is happy for them. Someone will stop at nothing to sink the budding relationship. Can Marc and Grant overcome their fears to fight for each other, or is their happiness destined to drown?

Award winning authors AJ Rose and Kate Aaron have teamed up to welcome you to Flaming, MO, a cozy thriller series with feel-good themes, charismatic characters, and a small town with a big heart.

This was a great read. I will admit I was hoping for more of a mystery when it came to the stalking portion of the read. I kept waiting for something to happen after the first attack one of the main characters received but in all honesty, it never came. I guess I just assumed from reading the description of the book there would be more in that portion of this read then there actually was. Regardless of that, this was still a really good read. I will also say this book has led me to want a book about another character in this book. So I am really hoping Brandon will have a book out before long as well.

Grant is the town playboy. He is one of those no strings attached people. He has always stuck to hooking up with the visitors that come to Flaming. But one night at the local bar, Grant’s friends make a decision for him that place him in the situation of changing his M.O. up a bit. Grant’s friends bet he will hook up with locals until he is finally rejected. Which is something Grant is not used to happening. But the kicker is his friends get to pick who it is he hooks up with.

At first Grant is against the bet his friends have made but when the person they pick for his first hook up is someone Grant would definitely be interested in hooking up with, he decides to just play along with their game. It turns out the guy they pick for him is none other than Marc. He is on the police force for Flaming and definitely someone Grant could see having some fun with.

Only problem is, Marc rejects Grant’s offer right away and in front of everyone. But this only intrigues Grant even more and makes him want Marc much more. Grant is not used to rejection and has to figure out why Marc is not interested, especially since his actions acts as if he is.

Marc is not the hook up type. After getting out of a bad marriage hooking up is the last thing he wants. And with the playboy who could not possibly want more, well that is definitely not going to happen. But Marc finds himself thinking about Grant nonstop.

After another night out at the local bar, Grant is attacked. Marc is the one who finds him. This is what is the beginning of something more as Marc is the one who cares for Grant and starts to see another side to the carefree playboy.

Can two very different men with very different views on life find a way to make a relationship together? What will happen when someone in Marc’s life decides to interfere and try to tear apart what they may be building together?

This was a really good read with some major drama where a person in Marc’s life causes so much trouble. I really enjoyed his book and cannot wait for the next book in this series to come out. I really hope it will be Brandon’s story because from what little there was about him in this book, he really caught my attention and feel like he has a good story to tell. I cannot wait for his book if he gets one!!!

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Galley copy of Loose Lips & Relationships (Flaming, MO book 1) provided by AJ Rose in exchange of an honest review.


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