An Extra Alpha (Pine Wood Falls #2)

Title: An Extra Alpha (Pine Wood Falls #2)
Author: Sarah Havan
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: February 25, 2019
Genre(s): M/M/M Alpha/Omega Mpreg Romance
Page Count: 365 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Thomas escaped his ex and has settled in at Pine Wood Falls. He found himself a nice job, has a cute little house, and his twins are now five months old. The last thing he wants or expects is to go into heat again so soon. He tries to fight the urge but can’t hold off any longer.

Campbell catches the scent of his fated omega. He finally found the one and can’t wait to start a family. So he goes to one of Pine Wood Falls get togethers to do what nature wants of him, what he wants–to mate with his fated one, but the situation gets turned on its head when there’s another alpha there that wants his omega.

All Griffin wants is a good time. He doesn’t believe he’s fated for anyone, that’s all in the past. He just wants his needs met, but another alpha stands in his way. Luckily, they all come to an agreement. The three of them together.

They don’t think they can both get the young omega pregnant. Thomas doesn’t think he’s fated for either of them, but when he ends up pregnant with quads, they all have some things to work out.

I really and truly enjoyed this book. The only negative I can say about it is there was a major lead up to one of the main character’s former pack causing problems only to just dissipate almost as quickly as they showed up into the picture. I honestly think if there would have been a little more on this particular portion of this book, then this would have been a truly incredible read. Regardless, I still enjoyed his book tremendously. This book is full of hot sexy times, constant back on forth on whether to be in a relationship or not, drama, and most importantly…love.

Thomas first appeared at the end of book one. He was running from his former alpha and mate. But what was even more incredible was he was pregnant with twins and about to have them when he appeared in Pine Wood Falls for help.

After having the twins, Thomas, Chloe, and Henry have settled down in the town and now have friends. Thomas was given a place to stay for him and the twins and now had a job that he loves. But just three months after having the twins Thomas finds himself in heat for the first time after giving birth. Though it is an early heat Thomas knows he will need help through it. So that is how Thomas ends up at a party for just these occasions.

Campbell met Thomas a few days prior to thhe mating/heat party and knew immediately that Thomas was his mate. But Campbell also knows that Thomas had a rough time with his former mate. So he realizes he is going to have to tread lightly.

When Thomas meets an alpha named Griffin at the party, Thomas is almost set to leave with him and hole up together until his heat is over. But Griffin opens his mouth one too many times and even though Thomas feels a pull towards him, Thomas refuses to be with someone who is less than nice to him. As Thomas is set to walk away, in walks Campbell and everything changes.

Griffin does not know who this other alpha is and he is not going to let him walk away with the sweet smelling Thomas either. Campbell realizes immediately that not only is Thomas his mate but so is this other alpha, Griffin. He also realizes neither man has come to this realization. So Campbell takes matters into his own hands and talks both Griffin and Thomas into the three of them riding Thomas’ heat out together.

Can what starts out as a sexy hook up turn into more? Will Thomas and Griffin realize that all three men are mates? What happens when one man decides to walk away after everything?

These questions and so many more will be answered in this book. This was a great read and I look forward to more books in this series. Sarah Havan did a great job on this book. It really was a great read!!!

Pine Wood Falls Series

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Galley copy of An Extra Alpha (Pine Wood Falls #2) provided by Sarah Haven in exchange of an honest review.


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