Kat Cassidy: Spilling Tea on “Backstreets” (Hot Wire #2)

Please help me welcome Kat Cassidy to the blog today!

Thanks for having me! I’m so excited to get to share some insight into the Hot Wire series in general and Backstreets specifically. Backstreets (Hot Wire #2) is a continuation of Peter Bauer and Nikos Petrakis’ story—a romance sparked between a career car thief and an honorable mechanic.

I truly believe the mark of any author is that we are all voracious readers and consumers of media long before we ever set pen to page (or fingers to keyboard, in this case.) The Hot Wire Series was birthed from my love of dark comedies, neo-noir thrillers, and HEA romances. I think the common thread throughout at least the latter two of those genres is strong characterizations.

So, that’s going to be the focus of this blog tour. Let’s spill some tea about my characters, lovelies. My second MC is Nikos Petrakis—Greek immigrant, wonderful dad, and great mechanic.

In Night Moves, Nik finds himself thrust into the criminal underworld of LA through no fault of his own. A debt from his brother-in-law entangles him with the Bauer crime family, and, eventually Peter. After his wife, Helena, is caught in the crossfire, he mostly shuts down. Nik just wants to do his job and keep his head low. He didn’t anticipate on having a one-night-stand with the boss’ son, or the subsequent relationship that followed.

Backstreets has Nik coming up on the one year anniversary of his wife’s death, and trying to reckon with navigating a new relationship with Peter, facing the fallout of Helena’s betrayal, and dealing with some of the things he’s spent the better part of a year just flat out ignoring.

Peter retrieved Nik’s shorts, lost among the blankets, and wriggled them over his hips. He caught Nik staring and winked lasciviously. “Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be back with the coffee and then maybe we can see about taking a victory lap.”

Nik lay back, listening to the sounds of Peter puttering in the kitchen, reassured by the easy domesticity of it all. He let the ceiling fan dry the sweat from his naked body. It was too damn hot. Nik had tried, but he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the air conditioner. He should’ve called the repair guy already. It was partially pride, but he’d also been feeling a troubling sense of inertia lately.

Nikos had always been good at keeping his head down and pushing forward. Nobody had expected Nik to fall apartand so he hadn’t—not when Helena got shot, not after the infection, not even after he’d had to pull the plug on her. It wasn’t some bullshit stoic act either. It was just the easiest course for him. As long as there were decisions to make, he could be the one to make them. He was good at it.

Nik had tried his best to fix things. First for Mia, doing his damnedest to keep some shred of stability in her life, then Nina, making a place for her in his home. Then, when Peter had made him feel the first lightness in his chest in a long time, it had been Nik’s turn to start trying to fix himself. It had been going well, mostly, though Nik had quickly learned that progressing through any increase of intimacy with Peter was always two steps forward and one back.

Nik knew he was coming up on a particularly hard stretch of days through the last few weeks of the summer: Helena’s birthday, the date of her death, and today, their wedding anniversary. The brief respite Peter had provided Nik evaporated out from under him, replaced by self-reproach. This morning eleven years ago he’d been ironing his tux, and today he’d spent it fucking his boyfriend. It seemed disloyal to both Peter and Helena.

Title: Backstreets: Book Two of the Hot Wire Series
Author: Kat Cassidy
Publisher: Kat Cassidy
Release Date: March 7th, 2019
Genre(s): Romance, Action
Page Count: 160
Reviewed by: Kirstin and Crabbypatty


“Where there’s nothing to gain and everything to lose.”

It’s modest, but after a lifetime spent barely holding on, former car thief Peter Bauer is proud of what he’s managed to achieve. He’s got a legal, legitimate job as a mechanic, a firm grasp on his addictions, and a steady relationship with Nikos Petrakis—stable, handsome, and recently widowed. Nothing is going to upset that, not the ever-present memory of Nik’s wife, not the claustrophobia Peter is starting to feel trapped in domestic bliss, not even the sudden reappearance of Peter’s ex—the sexy and dangerous Stavros Giannopoulos.

But when Nik’s daughter goes missing, Peter will be forced back into the seedy underbelly of the LA crime world, where anything goes. Can his and Nik’s relationship survive? Can Peter?

Backstreets is the second book in Kat Cassidy’s Hot Wire series which contains themes of crime, suspense, family drama, hurt/comfort, dark humor, addiction, and abuse. It should not be read as a standalone.

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About Kat

Kat Cassidy is a romance novelist. She’s a dreamer, a schemer and, above all else, a believer in true love. She lives in Canada with her husband and her lovable mutt, and she likes loud guitars and strong IPAs.

Her debut novel, Night Moves, has been nominated for the Goodreads M/M Romance Members’ Choice Awards Best of 2018 for both Best Debut Book and Best Main Character.

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  • This really does sound like a great series. Glad I found out about it on this site. Will definitely be adding these to my Kindle. 🙂


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