Social Sinners: A Heart Divided (Tosha’s review)

Title: Social Sinners: A Heart Divided (Social Sinners Series #3)
Author: T. L. Travis
Publisher: Encompass Ink
Release Date: March 19, 2019
Genre(s): Rock Star Romance, MMM Ménage
Page Count: 231 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


How can one’s heart be divided without someone feeling left out, even if it’s yourself?

That was the challenge Mickey Payne, bass player for the band Social Sinners, was tasked with when he fell in love with two men. “The heart wants what the heart wants, and you’d be a fool to deny it,” his mother told him when he brought his concerns to her over the unconventional relationship he was in.

Entering into the triad, he of course had his reservations, but all doubt gets cast aside when they need his help.

Will his heart be able to survive?

Book 1 – Behind the lights (MM) Joey’s POV
Book 2 – In the shadows (MM) Stoli’s POV
Book 3 – A heart divided (MMM) Mickey’s POV
Book 4 – Beyond the curtain (MM) Diamond’s POV
Book 5 – After the final curtain (MM/MMM) All

I just love this series and the guys that make up Social Sinners. Each of them bring their own unique thing to their band and each of them consider each other family. When I read their books I have found myself laughing at times, crying at other times, and even wanting to smack at least one and sometimes even more than one of them for whatever dumb thing they did at the time. All in all each of these books is just simply amazing reads. This book was probably one of my favorites so far but that was because I have always had a soft spot for Mickey, and this is his story.

Mickey is one of those in the band, besides Diamond, that is going to be forever single and a player. Well that is what Mickey thought anyway. But life has a way of putting in front of you what you need and what you have been missing.

When Mick meets Benny and River, these two men take him by surprise. Benny and River have been together since they were in grade school. So when they approached Mick and eventually get around to asking him if he would like to have some fun with them for the night, Mick knew that he was in trouble. What was supposed to be just one night turns into more nights just like the first. Mick knows he is starting to view these two as his but they aren’t. So when it is time to start touring again, Mick thinks this will help him to put things back in perspective once again for him.

But again life throws you those little loops that leave you spinning. When Benny and River ask to meet up with Mick at one of his concerts, Mick is both excited and wary. He knows he is starting to have feelings for them but he does not know if they feel the same.

This seems to be one of the turning points for these three men but it is also the start of a disaster waiting to happen as well. How will Mick handle the inevitable fallout? Will the band be able to hold things together if Mick ends up spiraling? What will happen to the band when danger seems to be around the corner?

This was such an amazing read and I love how even though this is Mick’s story, there is also the continuation of the other guys stories as well. And I love how this ended with a teaser for Diamond’s book. That one is going to be explosive. I cannot wait to get my hands on it when it comes available. T.L. Travis did an incredible job on this book and I look forward to more in the future.

Social Sinners Series

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Social Sinners: A Heart Divided provided by Encompass Ink in exchange of an honest review.


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