Blindsided (Maya’s Review)

Title: Blindsided (Fake Boyfriend #4)
Author: Eden Finley
Publisher: self-published
Release Date: March 18, 2019
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 290
Reviewed by: Maya
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


When Talon left to play pro ball six years ago, the hole in my chest confused me. I focused my heartache into making my own NFL dreams come true, and by the time I was drafted, the longing I had for my best friend was buried deep.Now he wants everything to be like it was in college, but we can’t have threesomes and be reckless like we once were. The media storm would be enough to break both our careers.That’s not my biggest concern though. The torch I had for him burns brighter after so long apart, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Marcus Talon is straight.I need to stay away from him.
Years ago, Miller and I made a pact that we’d win a Super Bowl together. When I’m offered a position on his team in Chicago, I don’t hesitate. I move across the country to chase a dream that’s a decade old.Only, now that I’m here, he’s avoiding me every chance he gets. If he was anyone else, I’d cut my losses.But this is Shane Miller–the guy who makes everything better just by existing in my universe. The guy I’d do anything for. The guy who’s more to me than a brother, a friend, or even a teammate.I’m not going to let him get away.
**Blindsided is a full-length MM novel with a HFN/HEA and no cliffhange. Unlike the other books in the Fake Boyfriend universe, Blindsided does not contain a fake boyfriend trope.**

I was waiting for this story ever since it was announced Heck, I was hoping for their story ever since Talon and Miller made brief appearance in previous book. I could imagine all sorts of nice and naughty things they could get up to, and Blindsided exceeded my expectations.

The whole Fake Boyfriend series is boatload of fun and sarcastic quips, and Blindsided stayed true to the mold. It’s witty and charming and smartass. It would have made reading this book joy even if the story wasn’t half as good as it was, and it was great!
Talon and Miller are college buddies and professional footballers. They lost touch after college, but now they are on the same team. Talon chose to sign for Warriors specifically so he could be on the same team as Miller. Clueless much? I don’t think most people chose to upend their lives for a buddy no matter how close they are.
Miller is aware he wants more than friendship from Talon which is why he chose to distance himself from Talon. Now temptation is again in his path. Poor Talon is just coming to grips with situation. Besides the hotness factor of the situation quips and taunts had me snorting with laughter. (Don’t drink coffee while reading this one!)

Considering that Talon and Miller were close enough to share women while in college, there isn’t much they don’t know about each other. But there is a whole new dimension to their relationship now they are focused on each other. It’s not just sex anymore, there are feelings involved and it could spell disaster both for their friendship and their careers. It’s engaging mix of old and new. The guys react differently but they are both putting everything on the line. Going for romantic relationship now they are playing on the same team could cause both their friendship and their careers to go up in smoke. It’s not easy decision to make.

There is nice cameo of Damon and Maddox and Noah and Jackson here. Sure hope there will be more of the same!


Fake Boyfriend Series

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Galley copy of Blindsided provided by Author in exchange of an honest review.


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