Jude (Ele’s Review)

Title: Jude (Lucky #3)
Author: Garrett Leigh
Publisher: Fox Love Press
Release Date: March 24th 2019
Genre(s): Contemporary
Reviewed by: Ele
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5


Isha has spent the last year watching his BFF get his happily-ever-after. He’s proud of Dom, but…it hurts to see him so free while Isha’s love life is still on lockdown. Only Isha’s ex-wife knows the secret that he’s kept caged for so long—that he’s queer too, and he’s lonely.

Jude’s too chained to his work to notice what he’s missing by being terminally single, but a new face in the village soon catches his attention. City boy Isha is gorgeous, and when he starts to haunt Jude’s reptile shop as well as the hook-up app on his phone, he’s a welcome distraction from Jude’s business problems.

For a control freak like Isha, letting Jude under his skin is an existential meltdown, but Jude’s not in the market to be anyone’s queer crisis, not when he’s facing troubles of his own. Unlocking their lives could push both men apart forever, but it might be a risk worth taking if sharing is the key to their happy future.

It’s a sad day when I have to give a Garret Leigh book less than 4 stars. My friends know how big of a GL fan I am and this is a series I really like. Plus, Isha was a really intriguing character. I should have loved this book but it was just ok for me.

It was also a hard book to read because I have a snake phobia (a legit, diagnosed ofidiophobia) and the descriptions were very, VERY detailed and vivid. This is not the reason for my rating, but I figured I should mention it in case someone is in the same place.

There is not much to say other than I didn’t manage to connect with the characters at all. More specifically, I didn’t get Isha and his reasons for not coming out sooner or for not opening up to his friends. I didn’t even get why he shut down Jude all the time. I just….didn’t understand that dude despite all the internal monologues.

Jude made much more sense to me and I liked him a lot. When I was reading his POV, that is. When Isha or his friends talked about him, they presented a whole different image of him. That was a little jarring.

Overall I felt that a lot of the angst or conflict could have been prevented at certain times. The characters would storm out or find a way to miscommunicate and avoid conversation, something that NEVER happens in a Garrett Leigh book.

The writing is great as always, the sex very hot and it was great seeing the other couples.

Bottom line, I was a little disappointed but it might be just me. If you ‘re a fan of the author or just the series, go ahead and add this to your list.

Lucky Series

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Jude (Lucky #3) provided by Garrett Leigh in exchange of an honest review.


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