Broken Cord (Boystown #12)

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Title: Broken Cord (Boystown #12)
Author: Marshall Thornton
Publisher: self-publishing
Release Date: March 29th, 2019
Genre(s): Gay Mystery, Historical, the 1980s
Page Count: 210
Reviewed by: LenaRibka
Heat Level: 1 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5

In the latest installment of the Lambda Award-winning Boystown Mysteries, it’s summer 1985.
As Nick’s personal life begins to unravel, Nick throws himself headlong into investigating the murder of a woman married to a much older, wealthy man. It appears that only her husband could have killed her, but Nick is sure that’s not what happened. Meanwhile, Rita Lundquist makes her presence known, posing a continuing threat to Nick and those around him.

What should I say?


It is the book #12 in the series and WE (readers who appreciate the power of WORDS) are NOT SIMPLY here, no, we are ADDICTED to this series. If you haven’t YET read it, you should start today, or better yesterday.

I LOVE this book. Broken Cord is my second best (after the book #5) in the series. And I assure you, it means something, because I actually LOVE all books in the series, but this one is a gem among gems.

Without giving anything away – it is always difficult to review mystery books – there are actually two mysteries in it, the one is solved, the other one is to be continued, what means that the actual THREAD for Nick is STILL present. Or better to say, we have something to find out in the next book.

My favorite part in this book though was not the mystery part – on a side not, a mystery fan is talking – but Nick’s private life/worries/concerns. And it was GRANDIOSE. The ending is BOMBASTIC. Like, WOW. And me not be able to read anything after, not be able even to considering or thinking about any book AFTER. Accept THIS ending. And it was just wow-ischly EMOTIONAL. (The ridiculous part about the ending WAS I knew it (would come), I wanted it, and WTF (shame on you, Lena, it is your fault).

I have to mention the exceptional ATMOSPHERE of the 1980s again. It was JUST right. Right in every single detail.


Boystown Mysteries Series

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  • I love everything I’ve by Marshall Thornton so far. I have a ways to go before reaching #12 but I look forward to the trip.


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