Burden (Tosha’s Review)

Title: Burden (Love, Unexpected #2)
Author: K.C. Wells
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: April 23, 2019
Genre(s): Gay Romance
Page Count: 209 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


They never knew what hit them.

A hooker with a heart, falling for a Vice cop? This is no Hollywood movie, and if they want a happily ever after, it’s not going to be easy.

Detective Randy Michaels is back with Vice, working to help NYC crack down on its prostitution problem. When he suspects Jesse Bryant of soliciting, Randy is torn between duty and his knowledge of what put Jesse on the streets. Jesse is clearly struggling, and he isn’t the only one. Recent events have forced Randy to question his sexuality, and a shocking encounter with Jesse plunges him into a crisis of conscience.

Jesse didn’t think his life could get any worse. His family cut all support, his education is on hold, and he’s surviving the only way he knows—selling himself on the streets. Of all the people who could have offered him a helping hand, why did it have to be Randy?

Two men carrying their own personal burdens: How long will it take them to realize that what they really need is each other?

This was a great read. KC Wells constantly amazes me with each book that comes out. I have not found one yet I did not like and this was right up there with some of KC’s other top books!!! I will say the only thing I was disappointed about is for a little bit while reading this book I thought there might be the element of danger after one of the main characters ran into someone he knew previously from his past dealings. The way he reacted to the man he ran into made me believe there might have been a story there but I guess I was wrong because nothing more was said about him. Regardless this was still a very good read!!!

Randy worked undercover in a sting operation to bring down the head hunter in a trafficking sex ring. He infiltrated the club where this was going on and ended up getting close to some of the guys that were affected by this ring. So when it comes time to head to court to testify, he is anxious to check in on those he got close to. One in particular is Jesse.

Jesse is so relieved when the verdict is handed down that the ring leader is being put away for a very long time. Looking back on what led up to this, he can now see Randy in new light. Even though Jesse has always been attracted to Randy, he knows he is straight. And even if he wasn’t, there is no way these two could be together. Randy is a cop and Jesse is a hooker. Most believe know the traffickers are behind bars and that Jesse left that life behind but the truth is, Jesse is still hooking because now that he does need the money and has been cut off by his family, it is his means of survival.

When everything came out and Jesse’s family found out about his involvement in everything they kicked him out and cut him off. So now he’s doing what he has to do to have a roof over his head and food in his stomach. With how the cops are now trying to crack down on the job, it is getting more and more dangerous and harder to make a living doing the job. Jesse knows he has to keep chancing getting caught but he just prays it is not Randy that catches him.

Randy knows something is not right with Jesse but he just keeps praying he will not have to arrest Jesse. Randy has always viewed himself as straight but after working undercover and seeing the things he saw, he can no longer think that about himself. Especially since he cannot get Jesse off of his mind.

As these two men start a friendship of hanging out together it gets harder for Jesse to hide the truth from Randy and it gets harder for Randy to turn a blind eye to what he believes he knows about Jesse. Not only that but it is getting harder and harder for these two men to not admit the feelings they have for the other. Can a cop and hooker find a way to make things work between them? Can a straight man realize after all this time that he may not be straight after all?

This was an incredible read. I really enjoyed reading this book. I cannot wait to see what KC Wells will come up with next in this series. Normally I have an idea of who the next book may be about but in this case I have no clue who it may be about. Just know I look forward to it when it comes out. Definitely a series I will be following and reading as it comes out!!

Love, Unexpected series

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Galley copy of Burden (Love, Unexpected Book 2) provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.


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