‘Five Alarm Blaze’ 5 Star Review Spotlight

Title: Five Alarm Blaze (Hillsborough Emergency Services #1)
Author: Kate Lowell
Publisher: self published
Release Date: March 12, 2019
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 149
Reviewed by: Maya


Rookie firefighter Cody’s got big shoes to fill, following in his hero father’s footsteps. And an even bigger question to answer–why the hell does paramedic Seth make him feel the way he does?

Cody was never interested in anything but firefighting. Until he meets a paramedic named Seth and suddenly he’s feeling things he’s never felt before. Now the job is taking second place to thoughts of Seth’s blue eyes–and other parts of his anatomy.

Frightened by the intensity of these strange new emotions, Cody does his best to ignore Seth and the way the cheeky blond makes him feel, except the inferno blazing between them won’t go away.

And in a job like his, where you live in the back pockets of your teammates, it’s hard to hide your emotions. The station is picking up on Cody’s ambivalence toward Seth.

Talk among the fire fighters leads to an ultimatum from Cody’s captain: get it together, or get out.

Can Cody take the heat between him and Seth, or will he go down in a blaze of infamy

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Hillsborough Emergency Services Series

About Kate

Hi! I’m Kate. I like to write about lots of things. If you’ve thought of it, and it’s weird, I’ve probably considered writing it. If you poke around the website, you’ll find a variety of stories from regular contemporary MM to weresquirrel romantic comedy. Hiding on my hard drive waiting for me to find time to finish them are the rest of the Flesh Market series (FM will be back at some point, as soon as I find a cover for it), the prequel to Bite Me Tender (which will be back in new and expanded form once the prequel is up to snuff), a ghostly paranormal romantic comedy, and a couple of fantasy series that just make me giddy thinking about them.

And yes, more firemen. And a cop and a teacher who rescue each other. And… other things.
I also write as the Katrin part of Ann-Katrin Byrde, with Ana J Phoenix. She’s the chocolate gourmet. I’m the coffee fiend.