Made for You (Love and Family #2) (Lili’s Review)

Title: Made for You
(Love and Family #2)
Author: Anyta Sunday
Publisher: Self Published
Release Date: May 1st 2019
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance
Page Count: 258 pages
Reviewed by: Lili
Heat Level: 2 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Ben wants to find a new home.

Twenty-four-year-old Ben McCormick is the primary caregiver for his brother Milo after their parents’ death. A year into the job, he’s totally got the hang of it. Mostly. Sort of. Not at all?

Defeated and thoroughly chastised for his lack in parenting skills at teacher-parent night, Ben slumps away with the resolve to finally get his life sorted: be a better role model, and sell their parents’ house for a fresh start.

But first, he needs to spruce up his house to hit the market. He’s no DIY king, but Milo’s hot-as-hell woodwork teacher is…

Jack wants an old home to fix.
Thirty-nine-year-old Jack Pecker is waiting for the home of his dreams to come on the market in the summer. What better way to wait the interim months than working on a small renovation gig?

Only trouble is, the gig is for the McCormick brothers. And working in close quarters to red-haired Ben McCormick won’t be easy. Not with the attraction that simmers between them. Attraction Ben makes no effort to hide.

But Jack’s professional. Dating a parent is highly discouraged at Kresley Intermediate, and he’d never cross the lines…

Ben and Jack. Two guys searching for a home –
– a home that might just be where their hearts lead them.

~ – ~ – ~

Set in New Zealand, Made For You (Love & Family #2) is an MM gay romance featuring two guys at very different places in their lives – but both finding out they are looking for the same thing.
Can be read as a standalone.

Tropes: friends-to-lovers, slow burn, age gap, found family
Genre: New Adult, light-hearted contemporary gay romance


Made for You by Anyta Sunday is probably one of the most adorable books I’ve ever read.

There was so much to love about it.

-The older brother/younger sibling/parent dynamics between Ben and Milo. It was heartbreaking, endearing, funny and full of love.

-Mr. Woodpecker’s (aka Jack) relationship with Milo as both his student and friend.

-Sloooooow burn- and when I say slow- I mean SLOW. After every chapter, I would pray that the next one would finally bring that elusive kiss! The UST was real.

-This book was all kinds of adorable. I love stories that make you happy and have you smiling without realizing. I think I had a smile on my face almost the whole time.

-Milo, Milo, Milo. I’ll leave it at that.

-Ben and Jack. It’s impossible to not love them both as individual characters and as a couple.

-Hurt/comfort lite.

-Age gap.

-Friends to lovers.

-Dual POVs.

-The dialogue was exquisitely written; it just flowed.

I just fell in love with this little family of three. This lovely story is about love and finding your people. People are what make a house a home. Again, this book is just full of love- as cheesy as it sounds it’s true.

Made for You = chicken soup for the soul.


5 Stars.

++Can be read as a standalone.++

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Made for You
(Love and Family #2)
provided by Anyta Sunday in exchange of an honest review.


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