Murder House (PsyCop #10)

Title: Murder House (PsyCop #10)
Author: Jordan Castillo Price
Publisher: JCP Books
Release Date: April 16, 2019
Genre(s): Paranormal
Page Count: 242
Reviewed by: Kristin
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5


Victor Bayne has survived demons, ghosts and repeaters. But can he survive a murder house?

Few people would willingly spend the night in a murder house, but Victor Bayne is up for the challenge. He’ll do whatever it takes to get a look at his permanent record, including going undercover in a townhouse where a recent death took place. Why not? There was no foul play involved, and as a psychic medium, he’d know if a ghost was creeping up on him. The whole “murder house” claim is just a product of a kid’s overactive imagination, and he’s confident he has the situation under control.

Until he gets a load of the smell.

Turns out, undercover work is a lot tougher than it looks. Vic misses Jacob something fierce. The subject of his assignment is a real piece of work. His partner has definitely got something to hide…and then the investigation takes a truly bizarre turn.

What happens if the murder house reveals itself to be more than just a schoolyard rumour?

This cannot be read as a standalone. If you haven’t read the PsyCop series yet, start with Among the Living.

Victor is on his first undercover assignment, hoping that this avenue will get him a high enough security clearance he can see his personnel file. It is, really, a very simple assignment. Pretend to be married to Jack Bly, empath, and see if the next door neighbor is actually a medium. Part of the deal is they have to live in a townhouse with paper thin walls, nosy neighbors, and a potential ghost. But as undercover agents know, or as Vic will soon find out, nothing ever goes according to plan.

Premise of the book is interesting – Vic is continuing to grow as a character and cop. He has to learn new skills and use one’s he all ready has if he want’s to solve this “case” and get back home. This is one of the few books where Jacob is really relegated to a minor character (on purpose) and we get to see just how much Vic and Jacob are into each other.

And, for me, it was (I’m really sorry to say this) boring. I enjoyed the beginning of the story where Vic realizes he’s actually going undercover!

I enjoyed the ending – I’m not saying why, but it was quite well done. A quite lovely plot twist.

But the middle? Where Vic is shacked up pretending to be a douchebag married to a upper echelon corporate guy while being a stay at home writer? This became a bit long and tedious as Victor reminisces about how much he misses Jacob, and all of Jacob’s endearing and not so endearing habits, how his body fit’s Jacobs, how mushy inside he becomes when Jacob looks at him with his smoldering brown eyes. I get how Vic and Jacob are so into each other, how great a guy Jacob is for Vic, and Vic for Jacob. But I so wanted the moon-y eyes to stop.

The rest? The rest is classic PsyCop. Delightful, quirky, amusing, all nicely balanced with a bit of seriousness as Victor realizes, everyone on the force has their issues.

So I still recommend this installment if you’ve read the previous books in the series. The murder mystery is interesting, I quite liked Jack Bly, and the ending was quite satisfactory. It just wasn’t my favorite book in the PsyCop universe.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Murder House provided by JCP Books in exchange of an honest review.


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