Desires of the Deep (College of United Monsters #1)

Title: Desires of the Deep (College of United Monsters #1)
Author: C. B. Archer
Publisher: Deep Desires Press
Release Date: December 26, 2017
Genre(s): Fantasy, Humour, Short Story
Page Count: 42 Pages
Reviewed by: ColinJ
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 3 stars out of 5


The once elitist College of United Monsters (C.U.M.) has recently fallen on hard times. In order to stay afloat it has been forced to allow humans to register. Humans, in a monster school? Ridiculous! Also, monsters are real and that was probably a bigger shock to the world than one school of them allowing humans to enroll.

Cliff Waters is a ridiculous human. Mistakenly assigned to the Underwater Wing of the college, Cliff has more problems than the average student—sudden surges in popularity, sudden urges in the sexy monster student body, and being forced to hold his breath for hours at a time to attend class. Will Cliff be able to survive in the Underwater Wing of the toughest college around where everyone wants to taste a sweet piece of him?

Honestly, it serves him right for having a punny name…and attending monster college.

The story launches straight in without any preamble. Given that this is a novella this is not surprising, but even a few sentences to set the scene might have made lessened the leap. The language is full of slang words and phrases that can make understanding quite difficult at times. There is no real plot other than the new boy at school has lots of sex. This being a college full of creatures and one human it plays heavily on physiological and psycho-sexual differences, but the human has no difficulty keeping up with the antics and so must be sexually precocious. There is not a qualm in sight from any of the characters including the teaching staff who seem to take public sex as the norm and totally acceptable unless it disrupts a class.

There is time in this very brief story to set up a relationship between the lead human character and one of the creatures. This is quite interesting and could have been fleshed out further. The sex throughout the book is explicit but not particularly erotic, as the aim seems to be for a light frothy story.

Given its length, the pace is quite fast, but conversely, there is no particular rush as there is no real plot. Consequently, the read is quite easy with no real tension or moments of stress.

The story ends as soon as the budding relationship is consolidated. There are no threads to tie up and so the story comes to an abrupt end.

College of United Monsters

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