Prophesy: Book II: The Bringer of Wrath (Kirstin’s Review)

Title: Prophesy: Book II: The Bringer of Wrath (The King and Alpha Series 2)
Author: A.E. Via
Publisher: Via Star Wings Books
Release Date: May 22nd, 2019
Genre(s): Romance
Page Count: 267
Reviewed by: Kirstin
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5


Shifter and Vampire True Mates story.

Alek’s older brother, Justice—the Alpha Zenith—was the first shifter to mate with a vampire in many generations, and it was believed the rare, fated pairing would stop at him. But, it hadn’t. Aleksei ‘Alek’ Volkov was second beta, next in succession to the most powerful shifter in the world. He was proud of his title and he took his duties seriously. It was all he had. Until his true mate literally showed up on his doorstep.

While his brother—the overachiever—excelled at having a vampire as a mate, Alek wasn’t that optimistic he would. He wasn’t averse to love, and he’d often thought of how different his life could’ve turned out if he’d ever experienced the emotion. His life was a mess and he’d worn a mask of stability for a majority of that time, only showing his siblings and pack what they needed to see—a strong Volkov alpha. Not the damaged man he was, with a tortured soul and a rogue wolf.

Alek dropped his heavy head in his hands. Now, for some reason, I’ve been granted a true vampire mate. And not just any vampire. The intimidating Belleron Liatos. Lord High to the King and the leader of his army.

Belleron ‘Bell’ Liatos had come to the states for one reason—his best friend and Vampire King, Chadwick Bentley. He certainly didn’t come to be pounced on by a wolf that could act independently of its master. Not only was his destined cherished a complicated and confused man; but he was also unaware of the powerful presence that lurked in the shadows of his soul. Bell didn’t know he’d be the key to unlocking an exceptional triad that would play a critical role in fulfilling the prophesy.

This story DOES NOT contain or even mention MPREG.
No multiple pairings. No cliffhangers. Ends with a very HFN.

This book had so much of everything. There was a perfect balance of action, mystery, intrigue and sexy times. And, can we please take a moment to appreciate the glory that is the cover?

In this second book of the series, Alek, the second wolf in command under the AZ and Justice’s brother is reunited with Bell, his true mate who happens to be a vampire. But things aren’t always what they seem and they both have to decide if they truly want to be mated.

I loved the interaction between the Alek and Bell. There was an interesting plot twist at the start that paved the way for the entire story that really deepened the read. There were moments between Bell and his mate that had me laughing and moments that were so tender it inspired awe. Each of them had moments where they became the Alpha in the relationship and where they were the submissive and it was exciting to see how they reacted to each other during the shift in power.

A.E. Via is a writer who listens to what her readers want and delivers every time. This was brilliantly done and very engaging. I loved it.

The King and Alpha series

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Prophesy: Book II: The Bringer of Wrath provided by author in exchange of an honest review.


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