The Hate You Drink (Kirstin’s Review)

Title: The Hate You Drink
Author: N.R. Walker
Publisher: BlueHeart Press
Release Date: May 22nd, 2019
Genre(s): Romance
Page Count: 295
Reviewed by: Kirstin
Heat Level: 2 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Erik Keston, son of the Keston Real Estate empire, knows what it takes to be successful. Despite his inherent wealth, he holds his own. He works hard, he’s grounded, he’s brilliant. He’s also secretly in love with his best friend.

Monroe Wellman lost his parents three years ago and never grieved, never recovered. Inheriting the family company and wealth means nothing, and his spiral of self-destruction is widespread and spectacular. Dubbed Sydney’s bad boy, he spends more days drunk than sober, and the only person who’s stuck by him through it all is his best mate.

But when Monroe hits rock bottom, Erik gives him an ultimatum, and his entire world comes to a grinding halt. It’s not until the haze lifts that Monroe can truly see what he’s been searching for was never in the bottom of a bottle. It’s been by his side all along.

An 80,000-word friends-to-lovers story about fighting the demons within and trusting in the love that takes its place.

“Because when all you drink is hate, that’s all there is inside you.”

Alcoholism is powerful, intense and heart breaking. When N.R. Walker writes about it, it’s all of those things and more. Because it’s backed with love.

It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with each and every character in this story. From Erik, who was in love with his alcoholic best friend, who finally had enough and broke his own heart in the process. To Monroe, who drank hate and guilt and sadness and pain. Elektra, who is the supportive, bratty, fun sister we all want. Erik’s parents, who did nothing but love without condition. And Saul. Oh, my goodness, Saul. He was probably my favorite in this story. And I couldn’t help but thinking ‘Better Call Saul’ during the entire book. He just understood and healed.

N.R. Walker shows her writing brilliance once again with this heart wrenching story of addiction and shows how people can change when they are loved and supported. It showed that hope is real and can heal. And that everyone is worthy of love.

Given the content, yes, it could be difficult for some to read, however I still recommend each and every word.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of The Hate You Drink provided by author in exchange of an honest review.


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