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Thank you so much for having me here today to promote my new MM paranormal romance novel that released on May 25th! I’m so excited to bring you the second installment in this series. I know it’s been highly anticipated and some wonder what the hell took so long. But, I really wanted to meet Prophesy fan’s expectations and what they wanted to experience more of in the upcoming works. I’ve read every review and I hope I’ve delivered.

I typically write contemporary romance with alpha characters that have dangerous jobs and are packed full of action. My paranormal series follows a similar formula but the romance is more intense… if you can imagine that. I hope you will enjoy. I’d really missed writing these guys and diving back into this world was amazing and fun. But, I must say, even I never saw Aleksei Volkov’s character taking the twist and turns that he did. So, grab a cool drink and settle in for this one guys, because it’s hot, hot, hot!

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Title: Prophesy: Book II: The Bringer of Wrath (The King & Alpha #2)
Author: A.E. Via
Publisher: Via Star Wings Books
Cover Art:
Release Date: May 22nd, 2019
Genre(s): Romance
Page Count: 267
Reviewed by: Tosha, Dieter and Kristin


Shifter and Vampire True Mates story.

Alek’s older brother, Justice—the Alpha Zenith—was the first shifter to mate with a vampire in many generations, and it was believed the rare, fated pairing would stop at him. But, it hadn’t. Aleksei ‘Alek’ Volkov was second beta, next in succession to the most powerful shifter in the world. He was proud of his title and he took his duties seriously. It was all he had. Until his true mate literally showed up on his doorstep.

While his brother—the overachiever—excelled at having a vampire as a mate, Alek wasn’t that optimistic he would. He wasn’t averse to love, and he’d often thought of how different his life could’ve turned out if he’d ever experienced the emotion. His life was a mess and he’d worn a mask of stability for a majority of that time, only showing his siblings and pack what they needed to see—a strong Volkov alpha. Not the damaged man he was, with a tortured soul and a rogue wolf.

Alek dropped his heavy head in his hands. Now, for some reason, I’ve been granted a true vampire mate. And not just any vampire. The intimidating Belleron Liatos. Lord High to the King and the leader of his army.

Belleron ‘Bell’ Liatos had come to the states for one reason—his best friend and Vampire King, Chadwick Bentley. He certainly didn’t come to be pounced on by a wolf that could act independently of its master. Not only was his destined cherished a complicated and confused man; but he was also unaware of the powerful presence that lurked in the shadows of his soul. Bell didn’t know he’d be the key to unlocking an exceptional triad that would play a critical role in fulfilling the prophesy.

This story DOES NOT contain or even mention MPREG.
No multiple pairings. No cliffhangers. Ends with a very HFN.

The King and Alpha series

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“Please don’t go.” Alek followed, his voice a deep whisper. “I won’t hurt you.”

“Don’t follow me.” Bell stopped at the entrance to the main living area when he saw the wide-open space was flooded with natural lighting. Bloody hell. Rays of sunlight striped across the hardwood floor like a dangerous maze he’d have to navigate if he wanted to get free. He felt trapped as Alek approached him from behind.

“You don’t trust me, and I understand. You don’t even know me. But, Bell please. Don’t be scared. And, don’t leave.” Alek’s voice was so full of hurt Bell was conflicted about what to do.

The ache in his sternum was telling him to fall into Alek’s arms and make all his sadness go away, but his rational mind was telling him to run… run while he still could. They hadn’t fucked, yet. He might tolerate feeding from another’s blood in time. A very long time. But once they consummated there’d truly be no going back.

“I want to tell you the truth. I do,” Alek continued. “But you have to promise not to leave.”

Hell no. Bell was just about to step into the light and risk it on his own when Alek blurted out, “You’re right. It wasn’t me who bit you the first night we met. Um. Technically.”

Bell spun around, his hand clamping onto to the partially healed bite mark just above his collar bone. What the hell did his beloved mean? “Then wha-who?”

“I’m sure it sounds crazy. But sometimes Wolf will act impulsively. If he believes it’s for our good, or if it has anything to do with what’s been prophesied or the prophecy, he’ll react. He’s driven purely by his animal instincts. And, most of the time I can’t stop him.” Alek bit his bottom lip. “Damnit. I’ve never had to explain this before.”

“You’re doing a good job,” Bell said, without thinking. “Continue. Tell me how this is possible?”

“Shit.” Alek stared at the floor while Bell slowly moved back towards the bedroom, still keeping his distance. “I’m sure you’ve heard stories of my family’s bloodline.”

“Yes.” Bell stood in the darkest corner of the room while Alek resumed his position on the bed. “That you have powers.”

“Strengths,” Alek corrected. “When you say ‘powers’, it kind of implies that we have some sort of magical abilities, when we don’t.”

“Okay,” Bell reiterated. “Strengths.”

“Yes.” Alek didn’t look up.

“And did I just feel yours?”

Alek met his eyes. “Barely even a fraction of it.”

My gods. Bell had never felt that kind of energy before. “Your strength frightens you?”

“He frightens all.” Alek’s baritone timbre was heavy with pain. “Apparently, even my mate.”

Bell shook his head. “He? You speak as if he’s someone else… as if your animal is not a part of you.”

“He’s not,” Alek grumbled. “And he probably never will be again.”

Bell frowned. “Aleksei.”

“No. I have to accept this.” Alek stood. “All of my siblings’ wolves are glorified in the prophecy. Except me… I’ve been condemned.”

“Hold on. Chadwick said Taleb explained some of this to him, about the foreseen gifts for the alpha-mates. That’s why he’s able to shift into a tiger because it’s what was prophesied by one of the first shamans. And something else about mighty conquerors rising up only to be defeated by vengeance and fire.”

“Exactly. And it’s already begun.” Alek paced the small area in front of his bed. “Justice has mated with the king, and together, their animals will unite our kinds. Justice’s wolf is the bringer of fairness and truth. We all knew it would start with him, but it wouldn’t end there. My youngest brother, Taleb, has studied under a shaman for years. He knows more about this than any of us. His wolf is the bringer of wisdom.” Alek dropped his ass onto the bed, looking defeated. “His wolf speaks knowledge to everyone… except me. Because he’s afraid.”

Bell stood. “I’m not afraid of you, Alek. But, I am… hesitant. What role do we play in all this?”

Alek joined him in the center of the room. Heat radiated from him as he slowly laid his hand on Bell’s shoulder. The warmth was amazing to someone who was usually so cold.

“I’m not sure. I never thought I’d have a mate. Heaven knows I wanted one, but I didn’t think I was worthy. Or able. I know what my role is in all this, but I’m not sure if I can fulfill it. As you may’ve figured out by now, I’ve torn apart from my wolf. And in turn, a monster was created.”

Heat waves radiated on all sides of him, preventing anyone from getting close. Wolf was losing the surface to something far more dangerous than any of them, and the first shifter who sensed it was Wick. He flashed forward and yanked Bell to safety, sparking a jolt of electricity that zapped through Wolf, past Alek, and directly to the depths of his soul.

“Everyone take cover!” Mac yelled, then shifted into his white wolf, along with the rest of his brothers. They weren’t as big as Justice or Wolf, but all of them were larger than most shifters.

Alek watched in horror from the inside as his pack mates began to scatter, scooping up their pups and hauling ass towards their cabins. Oh no. Wolf! Don’t let him out. Alek felt the monster coming, and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it. Wolf was the only one able to hold him back, but from the way Wolf was snarling and snapping left and right, Alek knew they weren’t gonna win this time.

I’ll have to run, Alek. I don’t think I can hold it.

You have to! Or let me out so I can touch Bell. He can stop this.

If it touches our mate. It could kill him.

Then run goddamnit!

Wick continued to hold Bell around his waist while his mate struggled in his grip, begging his king, any damn one, to just tell him what was happening. Alek could only imagine what the entire scene looked like. Justice and his betas were in an attack formation, and Wolf was acting like he had rabies. It was enough for him to say ‘fuck it… just run’. Wolf backed into some shrubbery, immediately singeing the dull green leaves which sizzled and fell to the cold ground.

“No one touch him!” Justice ordered.

Alek was glad he could only see the pain in his brother’s eyes and not feel it. He could feel nothing but Wolf and fire. And anger… so much anger.

Run! Alek shouted.

“Aleksei!” Bell hollered as Wolf turned and dashed into the woods, aiming for their maximum speed to keep anyone from following.


About A.E.

AE Via

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A.E. Via has been a best-selling author in the beautiful gay romance genre for five years now, but she’s no stranger to MM. She’s been an avid reader of gay lit for over fifteen years before she picked up her laptop to place her own kiss on this genre. She’s also the founder and owner of Via Star Wings Books, having published a couple great new up and coming MM authors.

A.E. has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Virginia Wesleyan College that she used to start her own paralegal firm after she graduated in 2008. She spent five years preparing and filing bankruptcy petitions for struggling blue collar workers who couldn’t afford to file with a lawyer. It was a rewarding and satisfying career… but another path called to her. Writing.

A.E.’s writing embodies everything from hopelessly romantic to adventure, to scandalous. Her stories often include intriguing edges and twists that take readers to new, thought-provoking depths.

Now that she’s gotten over her 10 books published hump, she’s kind of known now for her hardcore, play rough and love hard, bad boy, alphas. However, she does like to push herself to step out of her comfort zone, exploring different tropes, but she won’t push herself into a whole other genre. She’s head over heels for gay romance and she has tons of more hot stories to tell.

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