Adam Only (Tosha’s Review)

Title: Adam Only (Those Other Books #2)
Author: Roe Horvat
Publisher: Beaten Track Publishing
Release Date: May 30, 2019
Genre(s): Gay contemporary romance
Page Count: 128 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 4 stars out of 5


On stage, Adam lets his passion drive him. All his secret desires, everything nasty, dirty, and beautiful flows freely through him, for once in harmony. His soul thrives when his body moves, but only on stage. Adam’s passionate nature makes him a great dancer…and a failure at life. He’s a lonely, emotional mess. Going home with a man far out of his reach is the last thing Adam should do. Christoffer represents everything Adam isn’t: strong, independent, educated, and rich. His kind eyes, at odds with his brutish form, make Adam’s knees and restraint buckle.

Once Christoffer sees Adam dancing, he’s lost. The young man is mesmerizing, otherworldly, and unpredictable. Whatever might happen between them, it will be transient, and Christoffer will most likely get hurt. The temptation is too great, however, and the sex explosive. He might as well enjoy every moment he’s given, even if it’s just one day, maybe two. If Christoffer treads carefully, Adam might stay until Monday.

Warning: Adam Only is a gay erotic love story. It contains explicit language and sexual scenes between two consenting men. For adult readers only.

What a sweet love story with a lot of sexy times. But there is also mistrust in one of the main characters towards their judgment and in whether the connection he is feeling is real or just his imagination. In order to be able to find happiness one character has to let go of the past and feelings of insecurity and feeling inadequate. That is not always easy but if he can overcome these feelings he may have a chance at a true happiness he has never known.

Christoffer is growing tired of random hook ups and the chase to get those random hook ups as well. So much so that he almost misses out on the chance to be with an amazing man named Adam. When he sees the most beautiful man with dance moves for others to rival, Chris knows he needs to meet him. When Chris believes he missed out on his chance to do so, he is very disappointed. But meeting Adam is almost like fate because when Chris slips off for some quiet time away from the party, none other then Adam is there.

Both men are drawn to the other and decide to spend the night getting to know one another and the others bodies better at Christoffer’s place. After such an incredible night together Adam starts to sneak away but not before Chris awakes and asks him to stay. Adam reculantly decides too. Even though he enjoys his time with Chris, he eventually sneaks off in the night. He does not want to stick around to be told to leave.

Can Chris track down Adam and convince him to give them a chance at something wonderful together? Will Adam let go of his doubts to see if there is something between them other then a great weekend they had together?

This was such a sweet read about learning to let go of the past to find a future. I really enjoyed this book. Even though I did not read the first book in this series, I will be reading the next book when it comes out.

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Adam Only (Those Other Book # 2) provided by Beaten Track Publishing in exchange of an honest review.


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