Kiss Me Again (Kirstin’s Review)

Kiss Me
Title: Kiss Me Again
Author: Garrett Leigh
Publisher: Fox Love Press
Release Date: June 7th 2019
Genre(s): Contemporary
Page Count: 227 pages
Reviewed by: Kirstin
Heat Level: 3 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Tree surgeon Aidan Drummond is content with his own company. He works alone, and lives alone, and it doesn’t occur to him to want anything else until a life-changing accident lands him in hospital. Then a glimpse of the beautiful boy in the opposite bed changes everything.

Ludo Giordano is trapped on the ward with a bunch of old men. His mind plays tricks on him, keeping him awake. Then late one night, a new face brings a welcome distraction. Their unlikely friendship is addictive. And, like most things in Ludo’s life, temporary.

Back in the real world, Aidan’s monochrome existence is no longer enough. He craves the colour Ludo brought him, and when a chance meeting brings them back together, before long, they’re inseparable again.

But bliss comes with complications. Aidan is on the road to recovery, but Ludo has been unwell his entire life, and that’s not going to change. Aidan can kiss him as much as he likes, but if he can’t help Ludo when he needs him most, they don’t stand a chance.

“Kiss Me Again is a deliciously tender and prickly romance about the intimacy that comes with acceptance. Ludo and Aidan accept and love each other for exactly who they are—complications, injuries, mental health issues, moods—and I loved them for it.” — Roan Parish

Oh, this tale is so full of angst, but it’s balanced with comfort and love in the way that only Garrett Leigh can write. In a word: Powerful.

Aiden and Ludo meet in the hospital. Ludo is there to fight the bipolar demons from his head and Aiden is there after falling from a tree, a van breaking his fall.

Aiden emerges from surgery in pain. So much pain. He’s loopy on painkillers and he can’t think straight enough to know if the skinny, beautiful man that keeps him company is real. Ludo spends his days longing to sit with Aiden, to simply touch him. And then one day, Ludo is gone.

Months later they find each other again and try to figure out if they care enough about themselves to try to create a life together. With all of its inherent ups and downs.

Okay, can I just say how much I loved Aiden? He was a right git at times, but he was so invested and caring and simply there for Ludo.

And Ludo, with his love for his dog. And basically everything. And his cousin Angelo. I LOVED that Angelo was mentioned as the dancing cousin. But Ludo was such a real character, and his worry over being too much, too hard, too consuming… it was just the right amount of angst. And Garrett Leigh can write angst perfectly. It’s never too much. It’s just perfectly done, leaving you both worried for and loving the character.

At the end of Kiss Me Again I just wanted to hug Ludo and Aiden and tell them how proud I was. Such a great book!

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Kiss Me Again provided by Garrett Leigh in exchange of an honest review.


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