Who We Used To Be (Do Over #1)

Title: Who We Used To Be (Do Over #1)
Author: Dara Nelson
Publisher: Dare Publishing
Release Date: June 15, 2019
Genre(s): Second Chance Romance
Page Count: 291 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 3.5 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Ten years is a long time to live with a broken heart.
Ten years ago Zeke Malloy had everything:
A happy childhood, a shot at a state championship wrestling title, a best friend, a boyfriend (albeit a secret one but that was okay because, once they graduated, that would change).
He had love, happiness…a heart.
All of that changed in the blink of an eye.
One moment he was deliriously happy, looking forward to a future with Digger Brandt, building a life, a home, a forever, with him.
And then it was gone, disappearing like the tears that flowed down Zeke’s cheeks as he watched from the back of the church as Digger married Lisa – with his father sitting proudly in the front pew. Those tears were still flowing when he walked out of that church and went directly to the nearest recruiting office. Because he didn’t just lose the love of his life that day, he lost his hopes, his dreams, he lost…himself.
For the next ten years he was a machine – the best Marine, the best friend, but like a machine, he did it all without a beating heart.
His was dead…or was it?
Was ten years too long?
Was a broken heart too much?
Zeke didn’t know. Hell, he wasn’t even sure he wanted to know.
From the moment Digger walked up behind him and said Hello in that smooth, sexy voice that used to light him up six ways from Sunday, Zeke was screwed.
The only thing he really knew now…was that he was about to find out.

I am so glad I chose this book to read. I love books about military men and ex-military men. It just really makes me happy for such a manly man who was once employed by the government to not hide who he is because of his former career choice. So when I read the description of this book about Zeke being former military, I knew that I wanted to read this book. And now I am completely ecstatic I did because this was such an amazing read.

Zeke has been broken hearted for over ten years now. Even though he tried to move on and start new relationships he was never able to fully commit because he never got over the one who broke his heart and broke him so deeply. After serving in the Marines and making lifelong friends with his squad members he is still the same broken hearted man. But the difference is now he now has a new ex he has to get rid of and his past broken heart is about to make a reappearance because of the newest betrayal.

After kicking Bryan out of his house, Zeke decides to try to wash everything away with a drink. But that is not what happens because the man he never expected or wanted to see again walks back into his life again. When Digger shows up again after ten years, Zeke wants no part of him. He is too angry at his betrayal from years ago and he is still broken hearted because of him.

Digger knows he has waited too long to finally get his crap together and to hopefully win Zeke’s love again. He will not give up though. Digger knows he is going to have to do a lot to get Zeke to forgive him for not being strong enough when they were younger to keep the promise of forever. But now he knows he cannot walk away without at least trying to make things right between the two of them. Zeke has always been Digger’s love and will always be the love of his life. Now if only he can get Zeke to forgive him.

This was such a great read about second chances, letting go of anger, making amends, about friendship and brotherhood, and most of all about love. I cannot wait to read the next books in this series. There was some hints as to what each upcoming may be about and I am honestly looking forward to them. This was a great read!!

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of Who We Used To Be provided by Dare Publishing in exchange of an honest review.


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