My Boss’s Boss (Tosha’s Review)

Title: My Boss’s Boss (Taught by Two #3)
Author: R. Cayden
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: May 19, 2019
Genre(s): Gay M/M/M Ménage Romance
Page Count: 191 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Three men, one office, and a summer internship that is about to get very spicy…


A rough-and-tumble guy like me might seem out of place in the corporate world, but that doesn’t mean I can’t succeed at my summer internship. I just need to make sure I’m not too distracted by the hot office manager, bossing me around and making me deliver the mail every day.
But then I meet the drop-dead gorgeous owner of Carwell Tower, too…
I know there’s no place for my submissive tendencies in the board room, but I feel like I was born to serve these men, and I can’t deny my heart.


Working as his office manager, it’s hard enough to keep my relationship with Warren a secret. The owner of Carwell Tower, he’s powerful and handsome, and I want nothing more than to tell the world that he’s my dominant boyfriend.
I can keep our love a secret for the sake of the company, just like I can keep the office running without a hitch to make him happy.
But with a new hot intern demanding my attention, the line between work and play keeps getting thinner.


When I inherited the company after my father’s death, Carwell Tower was falling apart the seams.
It’s playing with fire to carry on a secret relationship with the office manager at a time like this, but I love Terrence, and can’t imagine my life without him.

When a new intern shows up at our door, looking hot as hell and submissive to boot, I know indulging our fantasies is a bad idea. I need to keep acting like the straight and macho head of the company, and can’t let anything get in the way of success.
Not even passion, and especially not love.

My Boss’s Boss is a standalone, 60,000 word MMM romance novel. It features secret office relationships, dominant businessmen and submissive interns, and three characters who find a happily-ever-after together. Like all of the Taught by Two books, it is filled with heart, lots of heat, and a little bit of kink. Enjoy!

This was a good read. It shows that even the lowest person on the totem pole can bring new ideas to surface only if whoever is at the top of the food chain is willing to listen. In this book it takes more then one person to come up with innovative ideas to keep the struggling company to stay alive. And if love between three men takes a priority in the adventure as well, well then it may all be worth it in the end.

Tony is so excited to start his new internship at Carwell Tower. But only seconds after getting there and before he could officially start his internship, he spills coffee all over one of the executives in the tower. Little does he realize at the time, he is also the owner and CEO of the tower, Warren. But luckily for Tony, Warren did not make a fuss of it.

So Tony really lucked out or so he thought until he met his new boss, Terrence. Terrence is a no-nonsense boss. He expects his employees to give their all and listen the first time around and get it right. So Tony showing up the first day late, well Terrence was not impressed. When Tony finds out he is nothing more than the designated mail deliverer, he is not too thrilled but will do what he has to get the job done….hopefully right the first time around.

Tony does his best to not get on the bad side of Terrence but he finds himself often getting into trouble with Terrence. And he finds even though he should be mortified with constantly having to be reprimanded, it is actually the opposite. He is really starting to like it. Which is weird on its own to Tony.

When the opportunity one evening to get closer to Terrence happens, Tony takes the chance and the first time, he is shot down but the second time….Terrence takes the opportunity to get something he has been wanting as well. What Tony did not realize is Terrence also has a relationship with Warren as well.

After a night out and running into Warren while Tony and Terrence are at a local bar for drinks after work, Warren decides it is time to bring the three of them together in a way he has thought about since Terrence first started hooking up with Tony. The question is, how will Tony feel about bringing Warren into the mix as well? What will Tony do when he finds out Terrence and Warren are already a couple? Can the three men work together to come up with a way to save the company?

This was a good read about learning to not only become comfortable in one’s own skin but to learn to trust others. This was about three men coming together only to figure out they could be so much more together. Great read!!!

Taught by Two Series

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