The Geek and His Bad Boys

Title: The Geek And His Bad Boys
Author: R Cayden
Publisher: Self publishing
Release Date: June 25, 2019
Genre(s): Gay m/m/m ménage
Page Count: 224 pages
Reviewed by: Tosha
Heat Level: 4 flames out of 5
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


Can his tender heart handle their scorching passion?
Some people have to fight like hell for their love.
Striker and Dante? They come out swinging.


I thought I was just going to get a tattoo.
It was so out of character. All of my gaymer friends thought I was going to chicken out because I’m afraid of needles.

But I was done being scared of things. I had spent enough of my life being scared.
Scared of bullies. Of my father.
Scared of every jerk who put me down.
The thing is, Striker and Dante? The tattoo artists?

They scare me.

They scare me because of how amazing it feels when I’m with them.
They scare me because, once we get together, I’m doing things I never thought I would do.
And most of all, they scare me because of how much they love each other.

Could I dare to be loved like that, too?
To be theirs?

The Geek and His Bad Boys is a 60,000+ word standalone MMM romance. It is a high heat novel, with loads of passion between our three men. Childhood bullies get faced down, a geek gets a spicy tattoo, and the story ends HEA for all three characters. Enjoy!

Wow, this book was so much better then I originally thought it was going to be. I was definitely interested in reading it after I read the description of the book but once I started reading it, I could not put this book down. Who would have thought that two men that have an explosive love between them would each meet another man at separate times and each man would feel the attraction to this guy that is so different then either one of them has together. This book is definitely a book about helping each other to see themselves in different lights. This was definitely a truly an amazing read!!

Striker and Dante have been together for a while. They have bought a home together. They have started a business together. It could not get much better then it is other then the fact that both men have a temper to them and when it flares up, things are explosive with them. So after a huge blow up between them and both men have said things they do not mean, they decide in the heat of the moment to have an open relationship. Both men know this is not what they truly want but neither is going to step up and admit it to the other.

Dante is convinced that he is not going to explore this new aspect of their relationship but after another fight with Striker, Dante takes off on his bike and runs out of gas. This is where he meets a man named Frances who happens to stop to try to help. Dante never expected this break down to take a turn for something more sexy. Especially since he never expected to actually go through with the whole open relationship thing. And then there is the fact that Frances is not the type of person Dante normally goes for. But there is something about Frances that Dante cannot seem to resist.

Frances is blown away when someone as sexy as Dante comes onto him. Francis is not the type of person that stuff like this happens too. But he is not going to over think it and instead decided to go with the flow. Normally Francis is just the geeky shy type that is not adventurous at all but after his unexpected hook up with the mysterious Dante he decides it is time to get the tattoo he always wanted.

When Francis shows up to the tattoo shop that he found, Striker and Francis go over what Francis wants done and sets up an appointment to do it. When Francis returns for the tattoo he and Striker both feel a pull between them. Francis believes it is all in his head cause he could never be this lucky to have two gorgeous guys attracted to him. But one thing leads to another and Striker and Francis have sex right there in the chair that Francis sat in for his tattoo. After the unbelievable sex something else unexpected happens, in walks Dante and none the happier about what he walks in own. All hell breaks lose and Francis finds himself running as far and fast as he can.

Once Striker and Dante have it out, both men come to realize this is what they had agreed upon and they also realize that they scared Francis to death and that they have to fix how they handle things with him.

What happens when Striker, Dante, and Francis end up together in the same room? Will tempers fly or will there be something else flying between these three men that could be so much better?

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Advanced Review Copy

Galley copy of The Geek and The Bad Boys provided by R. Cayden in exchange of an honest review.


Hello, I am an avid reader of male/male books. I do not have a favorite genre when it comes to male/male books because I love all of them from romance, dark reads, paranormal, shifter, threesome, whatever I see that catches my eye at the time. I read books about rock stars, CEOs, military, cops, and just the original plain old good boy types of books. Basically when it comes to a book, I read whatever I am in the mood for at the time. So my tastes varies from day to day and sometimes even hour to hour.